Distinguished Company

Last year’s Space Camp Hall of Fame prompted me to write a post on my blog about costume party moments, times when I get to go out and pretend that I’m this cool person. The 2010 induction Friday night was definitely one of those moments.

The picture above of six of the eight people at my table at the event was taken to send to the editor at the University of Nebraska Press of the Outward Odyssey series that includes my Skylab book and forthcoming shuttle book.

At right is:

Heather R. Smith, NASA education writer and creator of the NASA Taking Up Space blog, and co-author of the forthcoming Outward Odyssey volume Bold They Rise.

From left are:

Robert Pearlman, author of the epilogue of Footprints in the Dust, creator and editor of the collectSPACE, and 2009 inductee into the Space Camp Hall of Fame.

Francis French, co-author of Into That Silent Sea and In the Shadow of the Moon, Director of Education at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, and 2010 inductee into the Space Camp Hall of Fame.

Owen Garriott, co-author of Homesteading Space, Science-Pilot of Skylab II and mission specialist for shuttle mission STS-9.

Al Worden, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 15. Which, lest you miss it, means that he spent days solo-orbiting the moon and holds the record for the deep-space EVA furthest from the Earth.

Without question, the coolest, most-distinguished table at the event. And, somehow, I got to sit at it.

Yeah, I’m blessed.

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