Snakes Like Jazz

I have a Google alert said to notify me when new articles are posted that include my name, so I was kind of surprised yesterday to learn in this article informed me that there’s another David Hitt in the area of nearby Decatur, AL. And then I read the story, which was even better:

OAKVILLE— A 9½-foot python stretched along a country road in Lawrence County has folks wondering about their fate if they had met the creepy creature before it met its fate.
Shelby Scott Hembree lives nearby. She saw the snake when she stopped late Wednesday afternoon to assist a neighbor, David Hitt. She thought his pickup was having mechanical trouble.

“Come look what we found,” he and his passenger, Donald Miller hollered.

Let me just point out for the record that I would watch every episode of a television series about the author of Blue Like Jazz and I driving around the country in a pick-up truck looking for snakes.

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