My Brother, The Candidate


Can I say I’m proud of you? Because I very much am.

I considered writing something telling people they should vote for you, but of course I’m going to endorse my own brother, you know? And I’m not so oblivious as to be unaware that I’m basically doing that with this post. But while it goes without saying that I would endorse you to others, it might not go without saying to you how proud I am.

It’s been interesting following the campaign. It was very neat seeing you on the front page of The Huntsville Times. And, while I’m sorry I haven’t done it more, I’ve enjoyed going out door-to-door campaigning for you. I’ve been surprised how easy it is. I’m going because you’re my brother, and I want to help. But when people would ask me why they should vote for you, the reasons just flowed. I support you, but I also believe in you.

I was proud when I read the flashpoint endorsement of your candidacy earlier this week.

But it just really drove things home hearing Dale Jackson’s endorsement this morning and your discussion with him.

I’ve known that you were qualified for the position, and that’s been one of the things I’ve talked about in discussing your candidacy with people. But, yeah, wow. For some reason, this morning really captured just how much experience and expertise — how much high-caliber experience and expertise — you bring to the table. (If I were writing this to convince people to vote for you, I’d list all of that, but since I’m writing it to you, you already know your extensive qualifications.)

Since I already kind of knew all of that, however, what was even more impressive was hearing you on the radio. You’ve been interested in politics for as long as you’ve known such a thing existed, and I can’t count the number of times we’ve had long, heated discussions about political issues over the years. You’ve always been knowledgeable, and you’ve always been passionate. But the heated and passionate parts could be as much a detriment as a strength. You’ve always been an ideologue, unwilling to compromise what you believe. And, growing up, that could make it hard to have those conversations constructively sometimes.

The man I heard on the radio this morning, however, impressed me a lot. It’s clear you’re still knowledgeable, more so than ever. And it’s clear that you’re still passionate, and that you still have the courage of your convictions. But it was a man who approached things constructively and pragmatically. A man who, even when led toward being divisive, was cooperative. A man who has learned that you can stand for something without fighting for it — that sometimes it’s better to work with than to fight for. But, at the same time, a man who knows the difference.

And that was something that very much was showcased on the radio this morning, that you’re a good candidate not because you’re a good politician, but because you’re a good man. I am very much proud of the man you have become. The man I heard on the radio this morning was the man who is father to my niece and nephew, and I’m impressed with both.

I hope you win. I really do. I hope you win for your sake, because you’re my brother, and I want you to do well. But I want you to win selfishly, because I want to live in a Huntsville that you help govern. Goodness knows, I would rather pay taxes in a Huntsville that you help govern. I love my city, and I believe in it. And I know you do, too.

So I wish you good luck and Godspeed in the election, and wanted to tell you that.

But I also wanted to tell you that I am proud, very proud, to call you my brother.


2 Responses

  1. This really touched me, David. I could feel the pride oozing from your words. I bet he’s proud of you, too!

  2. Thank you; I appreciate it. (Though I’m very comfortable with the idea that my brother’s political aspirations leave me as the Billy Carter or Roger Clinton of the family.)

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