Here Be Dragons 2

The other day, I wrote a blog post too boring to publish.

A new video game, Dragon Quest IX, came out, and I wrote a post about the existential crisis it caused for me.

See, I really don’t play video games or computer games these days. But I have a long history with the Dragon Quest series. So I had to decide which of these two traits would win out. Long story short, I bought the game.

And that’s very very very long story short. The second sentence of that last paragraph went on and on and on. I explained my entire history with the series, starting with when the first game came out and what was going on in my life when I played it, on through when the fifth and sixth games didn’t come out, all the way through the eighth game, with meanderings about replaying games and the ancillary games and the like.

But it ended up being this embarrassingly long love letter from me, who cares nothing about video games, to this video games series I spent half my life playing. Even if no one would ever want to read it, it was fun to write.

What about you? What are your lingering affections from your younger days that persist despite being something that wouldn’t interest you today?

(Have I mentioned that I am SO looking forward to Tron: Legacy in December?)

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