From The Cheap Seats

I got to do something rather rare for me last night. I have played in or hosted every Face2Face Improv show at Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria and Gelato Shop in downtown Huntsville save one for the last three months, and the one I wasn’t in was because I was otherwise obligated that night.

Last night, however, I took the night off and just watched the show. I haven’t been able to just watch a show there since shortly after we started playing at the venue, and I was curious to see what it looked like. Your perspective’s a bit different in the wings than from in the audience.

And it looked great. We’ve been really working hard to try to do two things at the Sam & Greg’s venue — build up an audience and streamline the show to be perfect for that unique venue. Last night, it was great seeing how well we’ve done both. We had a great crowd; we had to move tables and bring in extra seats, and even so, had to cut off sales at some point. And the show itself was amazing. The team of Eugene Banks hosting Meghan Kenny, Steve Lambing and Fred Sayers did an incredible job. It was a great, hilarious, entertaining show.

After watching that, I’m really looking forward to stepping back in as host next week. It’ll be Meghan’s last show before going back to college for the fall, so I’m expanding the cast from three to four so that we can play some games we haven’t been able to play at Sam & Greg’s. Should be a lot of fun.

And, by the way, we’ll be doing a special show on Saturday at the “Acting Up!” Academy of Dramatic Arts on Whitesburg in Huntsville this week; I’ll be hosting that two-hour show as well, which will feature at least one out-of-town special guest artist and some more experimentation with short-form improv.

Come check us out!!

For those that haven’t seen Face2Face before, we’re a comedy improv troupe. We make up scenes on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience. (And for the more timid in the crowd, we don’t bring anyone on stage or force anyone to do anything; you’re more than welcome to just sit back and enjoy the show.) We do a family friendly show of live entertainment. If you’ve ever seen the old ABC show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” we’re kinda like that. Only better.

I can’t embed them here, but there are videos of some of my work with the troupe on Facebook that should be publicly visible. Ticket information for shows is here.

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