Another Sunday — I’m On A Boat!

This entry is part of my series on my on-going “church journey” that I’ll be documenting as it takes place. You can read about other visits with the “journey” tag.

Should I post these things when I don’t attend a worship service? There will definitely be times when the answer to that is yes; there are Sundays when it’s abundantly clear that God had somewhere specific for me to be for “church” other than at a worship service.

This past Sunday, I thought, might have been one of those. I had hoped to take my new kayak out the last couple of weekends, but weather and ill health had prevented it. So when my pastor suggested we should go out on the river on Sunday, I eagerly accepted.

Based on past experiences, I had anticipated that, in addition to some good kayaking, it could very possibly be a good “church” experience as well. As it turns out, not so much. There wasn’t a whole lot of conversation in general, and the only conversation of a spiritual nature was me saying that I wasn’t terribly overwhelmed when the book he’d loaned me, Forgotten Godby Francis Chan.

So, it was not at all the experience I thought it might be. But, really, that’s OK.

On the one hand, I believe firmly in the idea of “church” as the fellowship of the body of believers. I’m not one of these people who believes I can go out for a hike by myself on a Sunday morning and that be “church.” Yes, you can spend time with God that way, but spending time with God is not “church.” Church requires other people. I’ve been on hikes that were “church,” but only when I go with other people.

But, the flip side of that, however, is that I don’t feel like I missed church on Sunday, any more than I feel like I missed Target shopping. I do frequently shop at Target on Sunday, but out of convenience rather than obligation. Likewise Sunday morning worship. I enjoy worship services, and Sunday morning is a good time for going to them. But at this point, Sunday morning is not the focus of my church involvement. I believe firmly in church, but I also believe church is about fellowship, and I get far more fellowship through my Wednesday night small group than I ever have through a Sunday morning worship service. My need for “church,” then, has little to do with Sunday mornings.

To be sure, this church journey process pretty much requires attending Sunday morning worship services, and, as a rule, that’s where I need to be on Sunday mornings. However, this post is mostly just to say that there will be exceptions to that, some out of necessity, of course, and some “just ’cause.” And when that happens, I may or may not blog it.

Next week, for example — who knows?

Also, I’ll blog more about the kayaking part of it soon.

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