“Weekend” Update

OK, so other than the post about the kayak a while back, I haven’t done a whole lot of personal-life blogging lately; it’s all been idea-y the last few weeks. There’s not really anything interesting I can tell you about my life lately.

After my extended absence from blogging, however, I will give an update on this past weekend. I was sick. Frustratingly so. I came home from work Friday, took a nap ’cause I wasn’t feeling good, went and played in the Face2Face show at Ars Nova, realized afterwards I still wasn’t feeling good and went to bed pretty much until Tuesday morning. I missed the Saturday night Kenny Mango’s Face2Face show and rehearsal on Monday night, as well as work on Monday. I did manage to go to church on Sunday; I woke up that morning feeling pretty good, went to church, but immediately thereafter was, like, running into stuff at Target because I felt so bad. So I went home, and back to bed. The church part, of course, will be a blog post soon.

I was back at work Tuesday, and hosted the Sam & Greg’s Face2Face show that night. That show marked the beginning of a brief return engagement by F2F veteran Meghan Kenny, home briefly from college, and she was amazing. Meghan’s going to be playing the next three weeks at Sam & Greg’s, and I can’t recommend enough that you come check out at least one of those shows. It’ll be five bucks well spent, I assure you.

Because of illness, I still haven’t had a chance to take the kayak out, but have plans to do so this weekend, so I’m hoping that works out.

So, anyway, that’s where I’ve been. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of posts online before too long.

Jesus Calls Peter

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