Could you live without the internet for a month?

559 – The Matrix – Seamless Texture

In a word, no.

About a month ago, there was a major 3G outage in Huntsville and I was without internet for a good two hours or so. Let me point out, at no point during that two hours was I even in front of a computer, though if I had been, I would have had the internet, since only the cellular connection was down. No, I had to do without the internet at, like, Barnes and Noble and the movie theater. And it was … painful, almost. That's stretching it a bit. But it was a noticeable void. I've nicknamed my iPhone "the pocketful of omniscience," and it's not terribly far off. It's an extension of me, of my mind. Doing without it is, in effect, a partial lobotomy, as surely as if a part of my actual brain was removed. Without my phone, I KNOW less. With it, I know things I don't even know. Like in The Matrix, where you can instantly know how to fly a helicopter or kung fu, without having to learn it or have that information already stored in your brain. You just know. With the phone, I know how to go places I've never been. I know what people I've never met look like. I know why the Ryman Auditorium looks like a church. I know all the words to a song I've only heard part of. I know what my best friend is doing on the other side of town or a state away.

So, yeah, if you cut out the part of my brain that remembers how to get places or what people look like or lyrics to songs, I'm sure I COULD live for a month. But I'd really rather not have that happen, ya know?

Ditto the internet.

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