I Bought A Kayak!

I bought a kayak!

I was introduced to kayaking a couple of summers ago by my good friends the Sneeds, and went out a couple of times last summer with them and with another friend. Despite my relatively limited experience, it’s something I decided very quickly that I really enjoyed.

I’d had the thought that I might buy one sometime, and sometime came last week thanks to Dick’s Sporting Goods having some displayed outside weekend before last when I went to Target, and then advertising a sale on them in the next day’s paper. I ended up spending a bit more than the ad I liked was for, particularly when you factor in all the ancillary things I needed, but, if you’re going to buy a cheap kayak, you gotta do it right, right?

The weather Sunday didn’t allow me to take it out, but I’m really looking forward to doing so soon.

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