To Buy Or Not To Buy?

So over the weekend, three things were brought to my attention that will go on sale tomorrow what I’ll have to decide whether to buy.

First, there’s Laws Of Illusion. I’ve been a fan of Sarah McLachlan since college. I have all of her studio stuff, and a good chunk of her other albums. (Bless her soul, there’s no one quite like Sarah McLachlan for squeezing the most possible mileage out of a given song. She releases an album, and then a live album of the same material, and then the electronic dance version of the same material, and then the acoustic version of the same material, and then the greatest hits CD of the same material, and then the rarities CD collecting the alternate version of the same material, etc. Don’t like a particular song she released? Doesn’t matter if you think it was overproduced or underproduced, she’ll release a new version to your tastes. OK, rant over.)

That said, I’m not sure that I’m going to get her new CD. There have been some artists that I used to love, like Tori Amos, that have gone places that I just have no desire to follow. Sarah McLachlan, on the other hand, has sort of stayed somewhere I have no desire to stay. What I’ve heard of the new album sounds good, but it sounds like other Sarah McLachlan stuff I’ve heard. I’ll probably see her in concert in August, so she’ll have another chance to sell me on it then. (Or, at least, on a live version of the songs that are on the album that comes out tomorow, or maybe a live version of the dance version of … )

Second, there’s The Book of Eliwhich is probably my favorite movie I’ve seen this year. This one’s a little more pragmatic — I love the movie, but probably won’t watch it by myself any time soon. On the flip side, it’s one that I can see buying just to have on hand to make other people watch. (I did that last week when I saw that Best Buy had the Blu-Ray version of Moonon sale.) I might also be interested in some of the special features on Eli, but don’t know myself well enough to know if I would actually make myself sit down and watch them on my own. The smart thing to do would probably be to hold off and wait for it to go on sale in the future. Darned good movie, though.

The third item is entirely the fault of Heather‘s husband John. I don’t need this. Oh, sure, I want it, but I don’t need it, and I know that. So I did the only sane, self-preserving thing I could do. I assumed I couldn’t buy it. And that was working.

iphone 4After all, I just bought an iPhone last year. Which means, one, I don’t need a new one. I got a good two years out of my first one; no reason I couldn’t do that with the new one. And means, two, I assumed, I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade without having to pay a much higher cost. And I just don’t need to do that.

But John got to talking about it. And I mentioned that I didn’t think I was eligible for an upgrade. And he told me that it was really easy to find out for sure, told me exactly what to do, and told me I should do it. And I did. And I’m eligible. And that’s a bad thing for me to know.

Because, you gotta admit, the iPhone 4 is rather sweet.

To be fair, this is partially motivated by a disappointing crush. I want to want an iPad, but I don’t. Which is to say, I don’t want the to pay the price for the one I want, and don’t want to settle for the one I’d be willing to pay for. And that’s even more true now. The iPhone 4 has dual cameras and the iPad has none? I think I may just keep waiting until next year, thanks. And, in the meantime, the iPhone 4 becomes the obvious target for my Apple lust.

Do I need it? Well, OK, that’s not the right question. Can I justify it? Hmmm.

It has a front-facing camera. Mine doesn’t. But the main application is videophony, and that requires talking to someone else with an iPhone 4. Not sure who that would be. Particularly given that I’m not huge on talking on the phone in general.

Now, the back-facing camera? That’s an argument. I constantly wish the camera on my iPhone was better. And while I don’t really need an HD video camera, if it comes with a better still camera, you know, that’s not bad at all.

The high-resolution Retina Display sounds awesome, but, of course, would require actually seeing it to determine how much of a difference it would mean for me. And don’t know that I want to wait until I actually see one to make that decision. Just not the same experience if I don’t pre-order, right?

It’s got a gyroscope. How cool is that? No, really, how cool is it? I have no clue. It sounds cool, though. Skylab had gyroscopes. The space station has gyroscopes. Astronaut Barbara Morgan once said that spacecraft have gyroscopes to control their attitude and keep them from just flopping around. There are certainly days that sounds useful.

On the downside, there’s the possibility of being disappointed with heaven. So there’s that, too.

Well, I don’t have to decide today.

2 Responses

  1. The iPhone temptation has gotten worse since a friend of mine told me about a company he plans to sell his old iPhone to. He’ll get a significant chunk of the cost of his new phone back. Since then I’ve seen other places that buy used iPhones and offer a decent price for them. I didn’t need to know that.

    I’ve not seen The book of Eli, but I’ve looked at it and been tempted. My dilemma, in some cases, is do I buy the ultra cheap DVD copy of something or hold out hope that at some point a Blu-ray version will be maybe not as cheap, but cheap enough to justify the wait and additional cost. For instance, I found From Earth to the Moon on DVD yesterday at Sam’s for $10.88. It’s really hard to pass that up, especially since it isn’t out on Blu-ray yet. Then there’s stuff like Moon or 9, which I wanted on Blu-ray, but found the DVDs for less than $5 each at Movie Gallery’s going out of business sale.

    BTW, I’m glad I’m not the only one who buys movies to have on hand “just in case…”

  2. Remind me — Do you have an iPhone? Which model. Found out that Radio Shack will actually let you upgrade your 3GS to a 4 for free —

    Kinda tempting, having to decide now whether I can justify NOT doing that and keeping my 3GS instead.

    Oh, I have a huge collection of “just in case” movies. Some may never even be watched. Thanks for info about FTETTM; I may end up buying a new copy before long, have to start keeping an eye out.

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