Coming Attractions

OK, I’m posting this post entirely to hold myself accountable. There’s a ton of things I need to write about, and it’s going to take a while for me to get caught up. Things I need to blog about before the end of the week include:

— I went to the Jewel concert. Obviously, gotta blog about that. They took some pictures, and I bought the recording to the concert, but both of those won’t be available until later in the week. I may wait to blog about it until I can download all that. Or I may not.

— I’ve resumed my church journey, I think. If so, I’m going to blog the experience this time, starting this week with where I went Sunday.

— I’m writing. A while back, I’d gotten so overwhelmed, so pessimistic and so ashamed about this project that I didn’t even mention it in my About Me stuff anymore, which is really saying something. Things are very different now.

— I read American Godsas part of the One Book, One Twitter project, and I’ll have a brief post about that.

— I will, of course, write my Reconstruction post for the week; this week’s is about Teachers.

OK, so now I’m officially obligated to write those things this week, right? And there are a couple of other posts I’m working on that I’m not going to obligate myself to.

And I’m most likely not going to write at all about going to the Face2Face anniversary show Friday, or watching the A-Team (which was fun) or going to the MSFC Family Picnic Saturday, or my “vacation” last week, or Beer and Blogs. Cobbler will be revisited in the appropriate context.

2 Responses

  1. Keep the posts coming! I really enjoy reading your posts even though I never see you any more. Good luck on your church journey… I think I may have landed for a while, myself.

  2. Thanks! Maybe we can catch up sometime at a play you’re working on, or one of my shows, hint hint 😉 Glad you’ve found somewhere you like; I’m really not looking for a new home, this is more educational for me.

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