Quick Update

It’s amazing how, despite the fact this is my tenth post in nine days, I’m still behind on my blogging. Several things recently that I’ve wanted to write about, and just haven’t. Some of those are idea stuff, but some of it’s just mundane Dave-life stuff. Last Friday was big enough, with the launch and the concert, that it sort of overshadowed other stuff that I wanted to write about but haven’t.

As per the picture above, I went to Theater Huntsville‘s presentation last night of To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, assistant-directed by a friend of mine. Good stuff. Sad, but sweet.

My brother graduated from college Saturday. This makes me feel old, for a couple of reasons. Matthew had just turned four when I went off to Ole Miss, and now has graduated himself. Also, at the rehearsal, there was a speaker that I wondered whether he was one of the people they had talked about talking not that long ago, only to realize that the “not that long ago” I was thinking of was when Matthew matriculated four years ago. Sad that I’m old enough that four years is not that long ago. On the plus side, I was stuck with making sure that the most amazing niece in the world was entertained during the ceremony, which I assure you was an incredibly onerous burden. And, oh, yeah, I’m proud of Matthew, too. In all seriousness, very proud. He just earned his bachelor’s in aerospace engineering; he’s going to actually DO the stuff I just write about people doing.

I taught kids at church again on Sunday. It went pretty well. I had to swallow my pride, admit I’d made a mistake, and fix it. When I started doing this, they said they wanted us to pick a costume and character we would use for the storytelling, and I did. I went with a character that I do quite well in improv shows. By the third month, I realized that I’d made a very bad character choice — it worked great in improv, not so great teaching kids — but wanted to figure out how to redeem it. Last month, there were hardly any kids there, and the ones that were were all very young, so I didn’t even worry about it. That seemed to go a bit better, but it was hard to tell, so Sunday, with everyone back, I bit the bullet and just stopped trying to use the character any more. I got called on it — one of the kids was like, your voice is different. “Yeah, I’m happy.” Basically, I ended up just being a little more me, and apparently a little more me worked. I could feel the difference, and that was good, because that’s been my biggest frustration up until now. When I’m playing to an audience, I generally have a good feel for them, and it’s really disconcerting for me when I don’t. With the kids, I had no feel for them at all until this past Sunday. And that makes me happy.

I’ve been involved in some National Space Society policy discussions recently. We’re living in interesting times, human space exploration-wise. I don’t know what the future holds, or even when we’ll begin to find out what the future holds, but it won’t be boring.

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