Memento Amore

I promised back in January I would tell the story of the Polaroid film. And now I am.

So way back in December, a couple who go to my Wednesday night Bible study, Kyle and Meghan, got engaged.

And, I have to note, they got engaged via the most awesome proposal ever.

At the time, they posted the proposal, which involved, among other things, a series of Polaroid pictures, on Facebook, where I got to see that it was incredibly awesome, but you can’t. However, they’ve posted a story about the incredibly awesome proposal on their wedding website.

Shortly after the proposal was posted on Facebook, Meghan posted a status saying that she wished she had more Polaroid film, which, as you may or may not realize, was discontinued last year, making it rather difficult to acquire more.

As it turns out, I had some.

When I heard that it was being discontinued, I was depressed at the idea of a world without Polaroid film, and the idea that if I ever needed some in the future, it wouldn’t be there. So I did the only logical thing I could do; I started buying it and sticking it in the fridge for long-term storage.

My fiancée at the time found out I was saving it, and asked if I wanted more. “Uh, sure?” Turns out there was a large stash where she worked that was about to be thrown away. So into the fridge it went.

At that point in time, I had not only enough to last a very long time, but enough in addition to that to do something with. Ideas were discussed, including most notably, but not limited to, using it as a wedding “guest book.” Rather than just signing their names, guests would take their pictures with a Polaroid camera, and then we’d make an album of attendees. Maybe even leave the cameras out during the reception for people to take random shots.

I still think it would have been cool, but, inasmuch as we didn’t get married, the idea never came about, and the film stayed in the refrigerator, waiting for a worthy use.

Meghan’s status provided the opportunity to take some out. Ol’ romantic Dave sent her a message on Facebook — “So, are you wanting Polaroid film for engagement-related purposes.” Which she said that was part of what she wanted it for, I was more than happy to set her up with a little.

While I was gone last week, the firstfruits of that small gift were posted online, in the form of engagement pictures. (I even got namechecked when they were posted!)

I once had hoped to use the film for my own engagement or wedding, but it wasn’t to be. So the opportunity to see a fraction of it used for that purpose by someone else was a huge blessing for me. It made me very happy to see the original intent and spirit redeemed, by a couple who put it to good use and really appreciated the coolness factor of it.

I don’t know what the future holds. I may someday have the opportunity to use some of the film myself for similar purposes. I have no idea.

But I do know that seeing some of it used by Meghan and Kyle gives me hope. They’re a great couple, and it’s a blessing to me to be a part of the Bible study group with them. They’re smart and funny and all around awesome and very much in love and have a promising future ahead of them. And seeing them, it restores your faith, in love, in marriage, in hope.

It gives me hope for my own future. After all, sometimes the impossible happens.

I’m fortunate that a random Facebook status allowed me to bear witness to a little more of their story.