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Angie Haze

Opening act Angie Haze, courtesy of my co-worker Heather

Many many moons ago, I went to a Garrison Starr concert at Hal & Mal’s in Jackson, Miss.

People were yelling out requests, and I joined in, wanting her to play Passing, which has one of the most blisteringly awesome guitar intros ever. And she did, in fact, play Passing for me, and it was, in fact, even more blisteringly awesome live. So there’s that.

So, as I’ve mentioned, I think, last week I was in Cleveland. And in advance of the trip, I was looking for things to do, and one of the things I checked was the Cleveland concert calendar. It turns out Bryan Adams was going to be in town, but, eh, you know? But also on the calendar was a small club show by Rachael Sage. I have no clue how I first discovered her; I believe it was one of those “if you like X, you’ll like Y” suggestion things, on eMusic or Amazon or something, but who knows who was the X that led to her as Y. It’s been a while. Regardless, of what the X was, I did in fact like her, and picked up one of her CDs shortly thereafter and went on to download a few albums.

We were having trouble finding things to do in Cleveland, and it seemed a nice bit of serendipity to me that she was going to be playing on an evening I had nothing to do, so my coworker Heather and I went to see her. The opening act was Angie Haze, whom Heather actually preferred. I bought the CD she had for sale, which was just acoustic solo versions of her songs; it had some good stuff, but I’m looking forward to hearing some of the full-band versions she’s recorded.

She finished up, and Rachael Sage started setting up for her show. Like I said, I have a good bit of her stuff, but I only really know a fraction of what I have. Of that, there’s a handful of songs that have floated to the top, but probably my favorite is “Sacrifice.” I love the lyrics; they’ve spoken to me at different times, and I’ve shared them as encouragement with others. In fact, I wanted to share them once and discovered they weren’t online, so transcribed them myself. If you find the lyrics anywhere online, I’m the original source. (Well, you know, after her.)

I really wanted to hear her play Sacrifice. I didn’t know if there would be a chance to just call it out during the show like I did with Garrison Starr all those years ago. So I went up while she was setting up to ask. I played the great card I had in my hand — “I came up here from Huntsville, Ala. …”, which was true — and asked her if she’d be willing to play it. She said she hadn’t played it in years, and wasn’t sure if she could, but that she might be able to play a vignette from it at some point. She asked my name, and thanked me.

And, she did, in fact, play part of the song for me, enough that I was quite happy. And it was quite awesome. Despite her protestations, she completely nailed it. But, the cool part was, she mentioned me when she did, said that she was playing it for David. I’d never had an artist do that before, and it was rather neat.

Even cooler, though, was that wasn’t the only time she did. Throughout the show, she threw in references to me. “Can we keep going, or do we need to stop? Who’s in charge here? Is that you, David?” It really was a great experience, and a lot of fun.

And, in the wake of that rather cool evening, I would like to share this bit of completely unbiased advice: Buy her stuff!

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  1. So jealous… I was introduced to her music several years ago in a dance class I took in NYC. I liked the song so much, I bought the disc from Virgin Records before I left NY! I had forgotten that I had lent out that CD and lost track of it a few years ago until you started posting about her… now I may have to go download some of her stuff!

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