Drawing The Line

Jason Sims

Jason Sims

Amusing lines from last night’s Face2Face rehearsal, offered randomly without context:

David: “At Payless, we’re known for shoes. And death. But mostly shoes.”

Trevor: “Changing a lightbulb isn’t as easy it looks.”
Jen: “It requires a PhD?”
Trevor: “If you do it right.”

JaSims: “Bobby-Daddy, NASA called. They’re calling me up. It seems under the new administration they no longer want to send a man to the moon and bring him safely home. They just wanna send a man to the moon. I’m gonna live up there in a trailer.”

JaSims: “Hello, 911. There’s about to be a fire.”

Trevor: “Men, this is the sort of day when you look over the hill and say I’m probably going to bite the big one.”

Diana: “We keep the gunpowder in different sections so you don’t die all at once.”

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