Um, hello!

Been a little while, huh? Sheesh, I haven’t written an actual real post on here in a week, which is kinda unusual for me. Sorry. Why? I’m really not sure. I’ve been busy. I haven’t had much to say. There are parts of my life that don’t get blogged at the moment. I’ve been saying stuff places other than here. I’ve been putting off writing my next Reconstruction post. Who knows?

So random thoughts about stuff:

I’m going to NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, soon, which is exciting. It will be the sixth of the 11-or-so NASA field centers that I’ve visited, putting me above the halfway point. I’ve not been to Cleveland before, so if anybody has any suggestions of things to do there, they would be much appreciated.

Shortly thereafter, I’m going to the Simon & Garfunkel concert, which I’m also rather excited about.

This weekend, however, I’m going to watch students launch rockets a mile into the air as a volunteer at NASA’s Student Launch Initiative. I’ve never seen the event before, so I’m eager to witness it firsthand.

Last weekend, I volunteered at NASA’s Great Moonbuggy Race, and, for the first time, got to ride a moonbuggy. Kinda challenging.

President Obama expanded on his new vision for NASA’s future today, with some great finessings to the plan. Most significantly, construction of a new heavy lift vehicle beginning in 2015 is the best news that the spaceflight community could hope for. An HLV is the key to human exploration of the solar system, as well as opening up amazing opportunities for science.

I went to the Yuri’s Night party at the Davidson Center Saturday night. Huntsville’s still behind other cities in their celebration, but hopefully we’re moving toward catching up.

I taught kids at Sojourn again on Sunday. Threw out everything I thought I knew how to do, and did it completely differently. Seemed to go a bit better.

Have I mentioned that I got a chance to play with an iPad? I did. For that matter, I forget if I blogged my great story about standing in line to not see a product I had no intent to buy. In the rain. And I’m too lazy to go back and look. I need to try one again, to see what typing on it is like. The picture below is from Lain, but I like it.

Eh, enough for now, I guess.