I had a picture I submitted posted today on the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks! Yay, me!

I feel a little bad, ’cause it makes fun of a sign at a local restaurant, and I love love the place. No offense, guys!

It’s my first time, I think, having a submission picked and posted like that. The second closest I’ve come is a picture I took that was used at Apostrophe Abuse, but my coworker Heather actually sent it in.

I’ve submitted a couple of entries to Overheard Everywhere, but neither of them has been used:

One was heard outside the New York, New York casino in Vegas: “I feel like we’re at home, except it doesn’t smell as bad.”

And the other was from a cute little elementary-school age girl at Six Flags, explaining earnestly: “A false alarm is when you don’t get a baby.”

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  1. Funny shot over there.

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