Weekend Update … And Beyond!!!

Stuff I did this weekend, and other links and stuff I need to blog:


Before I get into the weekend, I’ll announce that I’m hosting and playing in a Face2Face improv comedy show tonight at Sam & Greg’s on the square in downtown Huntsville at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5. We’ve had packed crowds the last couple of weeks, and would love to see you there tonight!


My good friends Mathis and Jill Sneed came over Friday night and we watched my Blu-Ray copy of (500) Days of Summer, which I’d not seen since it was in theaters back in August. I wrote a blog at the time about the parallels between my life and Zooey Deschanel’s last two movies. It was weird watching the movie again with a bit more water under the bridge, both with and without my own “Summer.” (The amusing coincidence that we’d also had a run of 500 days is unfortunately out of date now.) But, you know, the main thing I took away from it this time is, what do I bring to people’s lives? At the end of the movie, the guy is better for having known the girl. Do I have that effect on people who come into my life?

Save Me A Saturday Night

Saturday during the day was fairly nondescript. I made it up onto the mountain for the first time in too long, which made me very happy. (I’m going again this afternoon with my discipleship partner Dave, first time we’ve done this.) I took my car to Firestone for a long, long time, getting it ready to drive down to Florida this coming weekend for the STS-131 launch. Have I mentioned I’m going to the STS-131 launch? I’m going to the STS-131 launch. Firestone, in fact, lasted for such a long, long time that I was almost late to …

The year’s second Face2Face improv show at Kenny Mango’s, which was all sorts of awesome. We had the best crowd we’ve had at Kenny’s in a long time, both in terms of size and involvement. We actually had to turn people away, and it’s been a while since we’ve done that. The show was great. It was one of our long-format shows, about an hour and a half, not counting intermission, and everyone did a great job.

After feeling like my humor barometer was completely off last month, it was very nice to feel like I had a better feel for things this time. A show like that is an amazingly rewarding experience.

And, as a bonus, I had two updates to items on The List — I talked to the singles minister at Asbury about participating in their mission trip this summer, and it turns out one of my troupemates skydives all the time, and would love to go when I do.

Blue Like Jazz

I finished reading Blue Like Jazz while I was at Firestone Saturday, and had mixed thoughts. To be honest, I didn’t care for Miller’s writing style at all. I found his simplicity pretentious at best and arrogant at worst. On the other hand, a good bit of what he had to say, I liked very much. The didn’t challenge me the way it probably would have two years ago or so, but it was still very interesting to read his fresh takes on things. Worth reading, but there are books I would recommend first.

Teach the Children

OK, I’m lousy at this whole teaching-kids thing. I went to Sojourn Sunday morning for my third round of story-telling for the kids group. This week, the story was about Judas. I’m not sure that this week was worse than last time, but it certainly wasn’t as good as the first time. And it certainly wasn’t good.

And part of that was my fault. I could have been better prepared. I’d waited for some information from the children’s leader that I didn’t get towards the end of the week, so at that point I decided to prepare on Saturday, but then, as I mentioned, Firestone took way longer than planned, and that didn’t happen. So I was still gettting ready Sunday morning. I slept poorly Saturday night, the way I did in college when I had a test that day I hadn’t studied for or a paper due that I hadn’t finished.

On the other hand, though, I’m not sure how much difference more preparation would have made. I kinda suspect I would have still felt bad about it even if I’d spent more time on it. I feel like I’m just not good at it. I do OK with groups of adults, I do OK one-on-one with kids. I can’t connect with groups of kids, though.

And that’s challenging me. I’ve taken the viewpoint over the last year or two that your area of service should be where God has gifted you. If I’m really supposed to be teaching kids, I should be better at it. I shouldn’t have to force it. When I started becoming involved in Sojourn, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to seek involvement. I’m not going to try to shoehorn myself into anything, but I’m going to be open to where people think I fit. If someone comes to me and says they think I should do something, I’ll trust that they have a better sense of my fit for the task than I do, and if it turns out they think I’m not such a great fit after all, I won’t be offended. By that, I’m supposed to be doing this. By the way I feel, I’m not. And I’m still trying to piece together which is the case.

How Was Sunday Night Different from All Other Nights?

I went to a messianic Passover seder. But I’ve already written about that. If you haven’t read it, scroll down a few entries. Good stuff.

It’s Lonely Out In Space

Someone sent me a link to something on McSweeney’s earlier today, and that and the upcoming STS-131 launch made me remember their Letter to Elton John From the Office of the NASA Administrator, part of their series of Pop-Song Correspondences. Funny stuff.

Klingon Jesus

Saw this on Twitter today: “@XIANITY: MISSIONS: With Bible translated in their own language, Klingons no longer considered an unreached people group. Qapla'”

It amused me because of my long-standing discussion about Klingon Jesus, and whether there would be a need for such. As silly as it sounds, it’s actually a pretty involved theological discussion about the incarnation of Christ and the nature of original sin. I may have to blog about it sometime, but, in the meantime, if you’re ever talking to me, feel free to ask about Klingon Jesus.

Ask Me Anything

I’m out of user-submitted questions in my formspring.me page. Ask me things. I’ll answer. I’ve also set up a Plinky account, as evidenced by the haiku a couple of posts down.

And, in other blog news, my good friend and mentor Joe Gurner now has a blog again. Read it.

Newspaper Blackout

When I saw a reference to Newspaper Blackout on Twitter, I had to check it out, just based on the title. Turns out, it’s not really about newspapers.

What it actually is — a guy takes a newspaper page, and covers over it with magic marker, skipping a handful of words that then form a poem. And it’s one of those concepts that at first struck me as gimmicky, until I realized that some of the poems are actually pretty good. May have to buy it before long.

A Hot Pocket Haiku

Sticky Fingers Travel Mug

Frozen Hot Pocket —

Out of microwave, comes "food,"

My coffee's new friend.