Clearinghouse Post

Stuff that I’ve made notes about in order to write about, and now I am:

Best. Shirt. Ever!

Best. Shirt. Ever!

I am SO buying this shirt. I’ve got to some TWOLHA shirts I like, some of which just have the name on them, another that I like for reasons similar to that one, and yet another that’s still back-ordereed that I like for other reasons.

But that one — wow! If someone had been designing a shirt for me personally, they’d have a hard time doing better than that. It’s so me it’s unreal. (Although — an earlier draft didn’t include a couple of the words on the final version, but did include “Dance,” which I liked. But, oh well, you know.)

I WILL buy one.

That’s No Moon

… But it may have been in the past. Per io9:

If analysis of new images of Jupiter are to be believed, the planet may have found itself with a new ring recently, which may answer the question of what happened to disappearing moon S/2000 J 11…

That “something” is possibly a new ring around the planet, something that may be the result of the mysterious “disappearance” of Jupter’s moon S/2000 J 11 shortly after its discovery in 2000. The team believes that the new possible ring is actually what remains of the moon, after it collided with Himalia at some point in the last few years and was destroyed.

Crowded House

I played in another Face2Face improv show at Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria and Gelateria last night. Wow, it’s come a long way in three weeks. As I mentioned last week, I left the first show rather dubious. I left the second optimistic, cautiously. Last night — I’m a pessimist, so I’m waiting for things to change, but, wow. We had a packed audience, to the point of being cramped. We’re going to do something very soon to address that. And they were a great audience. My friend Emily was there for the first time in, like, a year, so it was very very cool seeing her back! She even dragged her gracious beau Jack along.

I think we’re also starting to hit our stride as far as working in the venue; beginning to get a strong sense of the things that do and don’t work there. It’s fun that the venue has a different feel to it, and I’m enjoying figuring it out.

Man On A Mission

My co-author Owen Garriott’s son Richard had a movie made about him. It won an award. That’s cool.


For the first time ever, scientists have observed a quantum superposition in an object visible to the naked eye. If “quantum superposition” means nothing to you than the fact it would make a great name for a Muse album, then think “Schrödinger’s Cat.” If that means nothing to you, then you should probably skip the link. In summary, they Schrödinger’d something you could actually see. If you could actually see it, which, of course, you couldn’t, because observation contradicts superposition, obviously. Stories like this make me wish I was more scientifically inclined.