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>>> I just came across a new review of our book, Homesteading Space, online.

It opens with a foreword by NASA rocket engineer and inspirational author Homer Hickam, and it closes with Skylab III Commander Alan Bean’s previously unreleased in-flight diary. Sandwiched between are more than 450 pages of sometimes gripping, always interesting, narrative on the history of Skylab and its missions written by a veteran NASA editor-journalist and two Skylab scientist-astronauts.

Consequently, the Skylab participants, through these talented authors, share with readers a fantastically rich, vicarious experience, one not unlike what good fiction might generate. But Homesteading Space is factual in every detail.

For all the astronauts’ serious efforts to maximize the success ofthe Skylab missions, there was a lighter, playful side seldom revealed in official records but unabashedly exposed in Homesteading Space.

— Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant, Deputy Director of History, HQ Air Force Space Command

The review actually makes me want to go back and read the book again. (And only partially because it alludes stories from the book that I honestly don’t remember — “Really? That’s in there? I need to re-read it!”)

My personal favorite part is near the beginning: “Although design and development of Skylab subsystems necessarily receive attention, the focus remains consistently on the actions, experiences, and feelings of the astronauts who occupied the station and their relationship with crews on the ground.” Because, ultimately, that’s what we were trying to do — tell the human story of Skylab. Seeing someone else recognize that makes me feel like the book was a success.

>>> I liked my co-worker Heather’s blog post about making the switch to Apple enough that I have to link to it, and only partially because I’m the hero of the story.

>>> Since writing my “bucket list” post last week, I’ve created a standing “The List” tab on the blog where I can keep up with ideas of things to do, track progress in working toward them, and cross them off when they’re done. And, too, if anyone has any suggestions, or wants to join in on anything, they can let me know. Since setting the page up, I’ve made mild progress on the skydiving item, have applied for my passport, and may have found a way to use it. (And along the lines of blog updates, I’ve also gone in and actually written stuff for the About tab beyond just, I’m David and this is my blog.)

>>> They show up in my Twitter feed in the sidebar, but, nonetheless, I wanted to post a reminder about my page where you can ask me anonymous questions and read my answers. It’s kind of fun. And, of course, my 365project page is still out there as well.

>>> This is inappropriate and I shouldn’t link to it and you shouldn’t follow the link and I’m not responsible if you do, and, yet, you know, I kinda want one of these, even if I would never wear it in public. Along those lines, I’ll also link to this.