Ides Rambling

Titled with a nod to my friend Joe Gurner and to Julius Caesar, whom I can’t say that I’ve ever mentioned in the same sentence on my blog before.

— I’m amused that, according to my blog stats, the big traffic driver to this blog lately is my Lori McKenna blogging. Makes me think I should do more, and wish that I’d not posted lyrics to lyric sites instead of here previously. Even more amusing is the fact that, when I researched that statement, I discovered that my top posts of all times include stuff I’ve written about Taylor Swift, rainbows and Twilight. I’m not sure what that says about me, and I’m not sure I want to know.

— Two phrases were used in conversations about me on Friday that I really like — “from breakfast to infinity” and “better than thinking!” When I steal a page from Lain’s book and write my multi-volume autobiography, those two should surely be among the titles.

— Speaking of my friend Lain, this weekend, he took my sex and made it sexier. If that ever happens outside a game of Scrabble, I’ll be worried. (And, technically, it happened in the online “Words With Friends” game, which is on the iPhone and maybe Facebook and who knows where else. If you play, feel free to challenge me to a game.

— Came across the best tweet ever recently, by @BFree63: “Just had a terrible thought: What if Skylab is *still* falling? watch the skies…” I have NO clue what it’s supposed to mean, but I love it anyway.

— Saw this at the end of an e-mail, and love it: “Have a nice day, unless you already have other plans.”

— The snarkiness annoys me, but I have to agree.