Weekend Update

OK, been a while since I’ve done a Weekend Update, but also been a while since I’ve had a weekend sufficiently varied to merit it. I’ve had some good weekends lately, to be sure, but they’ve generally been single-topic, a la the improv update or the STS-130 trip, or none of your business, or both. 😉

I left work Friday and went for a quick hike, and then to Milton Frank Stadium, where I’d never been before. Ironically, the first time this Huntsville High School alum set foot in Milton Frank, it was to cheer for the Lee High School girls soccer team. A friend of mine from church is in her first year coaching the team, and so I stopped by to watch them. I picked a good game to go to — they won for the first time. I didn’t get to stay for the whole game, but I did get to see them score three times. A fun brief excursion, and it was great fun cheering for the Lee girls..

From there, I had a great dinner, getting to know a good friend better. God has brought many new characters into my life over the past year, and they’ve been a real blessing to me.

Saturday was largely lazy and unproductive, which was awesome. The highlight of the day was a concert that night. I knew of Michelle Malone from three songs she’d done with Garrison Starr, whom I like much, and knew she lived in the area and frequently did shows around here, but had never made it to one before. When I saw Friday that she was playing Flying Monkey Saturday night, I contacted some friends and made plans to go. The show was amazing. It was basically just her with a guitar and harmonica (and occassionally tamborine and percussion shaker back-up), but she filled the room. You could easily forget it wasn’t a full band; I very much want to go back for one of her full-band shows just to see what it would be like. The songs I knew were Tighten Up The Springs and Miss Miss’ippi, but there was plenty of other good stuff as well. Check her out.

Sunday morning, I got up early to go to church. I was kind of excited about it; actually gettting to go to the service at Sojourn has been the exception this year, between working with kids on Sunday mornings and being out of town. I got there early to help set up beforehand. While we were setting up, someone commented on how great a day it was supposed to be; I lamented that my plans involved me being indoors the entire time. After we finished setting up, a guy who has recently started coming to our Wednesday night Bible study Journey Group asked if I would want to go with him to get a biscuit before church. On the way, we started talking about some stuff he’s dealing with, and started talking about some of my story, and the conversation continued after we got back. And continued, and continued. Finally, it became obvious that we weren’t going to the service, and so we decided to migrate the conversation to the hiking trail. And, wow. So very cool sharing a literal walk with someone with whom I kind of share a spiritual walk. Great time of sharing stories and ministering to each other. Definitely a feeling of being where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be. At the end of it, we prayed together, and I prayed for him that God do something that day to reassure Him about where he’s supposed to be. Considered praying the same for me, but realized that He just had.

So, amazing church that morning. Someday I hope to actually make it to a service again.

After that, I got an e-mail from my pastor (different congregation) asking if I would want to play disc golf. And so I did. So after bemoaning the fact that I was going to have to spend the day indoors, I got to both hike and play disc golf, so not bad at all.

From there to a housewarming/birthday party for a good friend; it was an honor to be able to be a part of celebrating the occassion.

Weekend concluded with Alice In Wonderland, which was entertaining. It was probably about what I expected in the Depp/Burton weirdness department, but it was a fun romp nonetheless, and pretty visually spectacular in 3D. That said, I am SO looking forward to Tron Legacy. I mean, like, inordinately so.


Every once and a while, I write something that I realize later was inadequate.

On a small scale, it happened last night. I posted the link to the Lori McKenna covers, and realized later that I should have mentioned in the post how much I love her version of “In Your Eyes.” It’s a great song, and the original is a classic, but Lori performs it, per her trademark style, with an emotional rawness that makes it real. You totally 100 percent believe that she’s not just singing a song, she’s living it. And I love it.

A larger scale example is my Reconstruction post about Single Mothers. Discussing it with someone afterwards, I realized that I totally failed to bring it home. I wrote this decent, removed piece about the issue, about what I’ve learned from single mothers I know. And it was an OK post. For it to be a good post, for it to be really worthwhile, I should have taken it a step further. I should have made it personal. I should have addressed why those lessons are relevant to me — Part of me fears that sort of parent I would be, were my life ever to move in that direction. I’m a great uncle, because I’m able to have fun with my niece and nephew without having to worry about what I’m teaching them. Making sure they grow into mature, responsible, well-adjusted adults is the responsibility of mom and dad; Uncle David can make them laugh by rolling his tongue without having to worry about whether he’s teaching them it’s OK to stick their tongue out in public. And in many ways, I’m so just a kid myself; I love getting down on the floor and playing with them on their level. Would I have what it takes to actually be the adult, even when it makes them unhappy? Who knows.

I’m writing this post because I just did it again, and realized it immediately but too late to edit it, this time with one of my responses to a formspring.me question: Where were you 10 years ago and where will you be 10 years from now?

My answer about the future is true — I have no idea — but inadequate. I should have gone on to say, I have no idea, and I like it that way. There is nothing about my life today that I could have envisioned 10 years ago. I mean, almost literally, zip. Some of it’s good — gracious, who would have thought I would have written a book with astronauts? Some of it less so — I would never have dreamed I’d be divorced. But all of it completely unimaginable. And that’s what I hope is true 10 years from now; that I can look back, and say, wow, there would have been no way in 2010 that I would have thought ____________________. I hope that even trying to guess now would look comletely stupid in 2020.

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