Life And Love In Lori’s Lyrics

Those who know me know I don’t do favorites well. I recently almost got locked out of an online account because I couldn’t remember my password, and one of the security questions was what is my favorite color. Thankfully, I was able to guess before I ran out of tries.

A while back, I wrote on here that Lori McKenna may be my favorite musician. I’ll admit that, during the intervening time, I’m probably actually listening to her a little less; I’ve heard those songs, and encountered new ones since. But regardless of listening time, she remains without question one of my favorites in her uncanny ability as a writer. She has an amazing ability to paint nuanced, believable and real emotional landscapes that reflect the fact that feelings are rarely simple, but are so often a roiling mixture of complementary and conflicting emotions.

I saw on Twitter last night that Lori had posted two new songs on her MySpace page, and I listened to them as soon as I could, and then delved into them a little deeper by transcribing the lyrics, which I’ve published in the two posts below. (I’ve also added a Lyrics Page to the blog, collecting the songs I’ve transcribed here.)

Perhaps what makes Lori’s lyrics seem to real to me because I can put myself in so many of them. Maybe not even a whole song, but a line here, a couple there, a verse here that could have been written after she read my journal. For a while, her song “Witness To Your Life” was what I wanted to find in this world. Others, like “Like No One’s Ever Hurt You At All,” have brought me to tears during relationships; yet others like “Make Every Word Hurt,” have brought me to tears after relationships, and others, like “If You Ask,” have completely challenged me.

And today’s no different. There are parts of “Sweet Disposition” that resonate me. But “The Luxury of Knowing”? Yeah, I could have written that song. Some of it twice.

Thanks, Lori, for giving me the words I didn’t have.

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