Four Links

It’s Saturday, so no point in doing in major blogging, but figured I’d share a few brief things:

One is this link my Google Alert sent me to a listing on Astro Auction for some Skylab-flown cassette tapes. I’m mentioning this link not because these tapes would be the perfect gift for me if someone were looking to buy me something, but, rather, because, in describing the tapes, the listing states: “Playing music from these tapes while on Skylab is a topic well detailed in the book ‘Homesteading Space’ by David Hitt.” Heh. I’m like an expert, or something.

The next is also from my Google Alert, even though it technically has nothing to do with me. This article about how the new Missile Defense Agency logo represents Obama as a type of the Antichrist would be entertaining enough as it is, but merited my notice because it cites “David Hitt, an intellectual property attorney and former 32nd degree Freemason with an interest in occult symbolism.” For the record, uh, not me.

This xkcd strip is apropos of nothing, but amused me.

Finally, I’ve set up a page where you can ask me questions. The responses are posted automatically to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I figured I would mention it here in case anyone had anything questions they would like me to answer. Questions answered so far are “What is your opinion on Space Elevators?” and “Do you have any tips for writings on perseverance and getting things finished?” Submitted questions in the queue include “What song lyrics sum up your life right now?” and “What is the meaning of life?”