Think About Music

This is the latest in my series of blog entries taking a fresh look at a variety of topics over the next year. I’ve set up a page on the blog explaining the project and linking to my entries. This week’s topic is “Singing.”

Nomad: What is the meaning?
Uhura: What?
Nomad: What form of communication?
Uhura: I don’t know what — Oh, my singing. I was singing.
Nomad: For what purpose is singing?
Uhura: I don’t know. I — I like to sing. I felt like music.
Nomad: What is music? Think about music.
Star Trek, “The Changeling (And I have to mention Information Society’s Come With Me here, which is how I know this exchange.)

For some reason, this topic has been one that I’ve really been looking forward to. But now that it’s here, I don’t know exactly what all I want to say about it. The assignment is limited specifically to singing; I would probably have a lot to say if it were about the broader area of music in general. Music is a big issue for me; I’m very aware of the soundtrack of my life at times, I can communicate in music at times, music and mood are very linked for me. The irony is that, in all the creative arts, music is the area in which I have the least ability. I have varying degrees of aptitude for the written, visual and performing arts, but I have negative talent for music. I suck musical talent out of people around me.

The cool thing is, I’ve come to realize over the last year what a gift that is.

That sign is so me, which I’ll get into in Part II of this post later in the week. I take the sign’s message to heart — I’m not the best bird, but I’m still going to sing.

But God did give me other talents. For example, He gave me a talent for improv. I’m good at making people laugh.

And that’s important to note. Because I used to believe I had no talent for singing. The problem was, I was failing to put it in the proper context.

These days, I get to perform. I get to sing in front of audiences. As an improv actor, my job is to make people laugh. And, when I sing at a show, I assure you, people laugh.

I once thought my singing was a lack of talent. But when I found what I really enjoy doing, I realized that it’s actually a skill for being good at something I love.

And that’s the best talent you could be gifted with.

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