Improv Update

I said yesterday I would post an update on the improv schedule if anything changed, and now I am. In addition to the show on Saturday, February 27, at 7 p.m. at Kenny Mango’s Coffee in Madison, I will also be doing a show on Friday, February 26, at 7 p.m. at Ars Nova Theater in Huntsville.

For those that haven’t seen Face2Face before (and for anyone who has started reading my blog since the last time I did a show, months ago), we’re a comedy improv troupe. We make up scenes on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience. (And for the more timid in the crowd, we don’t bring anyone on stage or force anyone to do anything; you’re more than welcome to just sit back and enjoy the show.) We do a family friendly show of live entertainment. If you’ve ever seen the old ABC show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” we’re kinda like that. Only better.

I can’t embed them here, but there are videos of some of my work with the troupe on Facebook that should be publically visible. Ticket information for the shows hasn’t be posted yet, but will eventually be here.

Come check us out sometime!

Intelligent Design

So the cool thing about Facebook is that it tells you the things about yourself that it never occurred to you to wonder. For example, until this morning, I had never asked myself how people thought I compared, looks-wise, with The Huntsville Times. But, apparently, at least one anonymous person thinks I’m cuter than the local newspaper.

Now, as a former newspaper editor with extensive experience in design, it forced me to then evaluate whether I had ever come up with a newspaper design that I would have said was more attractive than myself. And, given how I looked when I was designing newspapers, I would say almost certainly so. To be fair, I can’t say that “cute” was generally what I was aiming for in publication design, but, then, I can’t say that “cute” is what I am for for myself either, so it all balances out.

Mother and Child

This is the latest in my series of blog entries taking a fresh look at a variety of topics over the next year. I’ve set up a page on the blog explaining the project and linking to my entries. This week’s topic is “Single Mothers.”

OK, to acknowlege the obvious — I’ve been varying degrees of single for over two and a half years now. And, so, yeah, I’ve had to rethink some thoughts on single mothers during that period for those reasons.

Along similiar lines, comparing divorce stories, it’s a very different experience with kids and without. So I have some thoughts there, as well.

That said, I think I’m going to save the bulk of what I have to say about those two subjects for Week 20, where they really fit a bit better.

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to count among my closest friends a couple of single mothers, and their experiences have provided an interesting look at what it means to be a parent. In both cases, the parenting is very one-sided, with the fathers choosing to be indulgent rather than responsible. The dad gets to be the “nice” one, forcing the mom to be the “mean” one. Instilling discipline and responsibility are left entirely up to her, forcing her at times to do what’s right by the child at the cost of being liked.

I realize that that’s not solely a single-parent issue. Too many parents today want to be their child’s best friend, want to indulge their child, to make their child happy, at the expense of actually doing what’s right by the child. The children are happy in the moment, but suffer for it as they grow up. It’s a choice that parents have to make constantly, and often fall not at one end of the extreme or the other, but somewhere in the middle. The plight of the single parent, then, can make the dichotomy all the more obvious when they’re having to offset someone who does skew close to the opposite extreme.

My friends’ children are lucky to have mothers who are willing to make that choice, to put their child ahead of themselves. I hope that, if in some unlikely future I were to be a parent, I will have learned something from knowing them.