Various And Sundry

OK, I don’t have enough for a “Weekend Update” or for a “Linkdump,” so here are some random things.

— IMPROV!!! After waaaaaaay too long, I’ll be in an improv show again soon! Saturday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m. at Kenny Mango’s Coffee in Madison. Tickets should be available online soon here. I may be in another show this month also; if so, I’ll have word on that here soon. Man, I’m looking forward to it; I’m going into withdrawal. I watched The Prestige (which I’d not seen before; good movie) the other night, and all I could think was how badly I want to be on stage again.

— Since I wrote about Lent yesterday, I thought I would share this link today. And now I have.

— I’ve been running my mouth about NASA and space exploration pretty much the entire time I’ve been out here, always ending my rants with, “But, of course, shockingly, they never listen to me.” And, of course, they shouldn’t; I’m a very very very very small cog in a very vey very very very big machine, and quite happy with that fact. But now I find myself dealing with the issue of, OK, what if they did? Hmmmmm.

— As mentioned in the sidebar, I watched Valentine’s Day (on Valentine’s Day, no less) and Crazy Heart this weekend. The former was cute; the latter was quite good. In some ways, it’s a fictional version of Walk The Line, but very well written and well acted, and with some great music. I don’t know why stories like that appeal to me so, about aging and being past one’s prime and about redemption. For whatever reason, I find it so easy to identify with characters in movies like that, and always have. Anyway, regardless, you should go watch it.

— The official patch for then end of the shuttle program has been chosen. And it’s pretty.

— I want some of this letterhead.

Lego steampunk “Voyage to the Moon” model = coolness convergence.

— For the iPhone and iPod Touch users out there, a new NASA-supported app: 3D Sun.