One More Bite of the Apple

Photo courtesy Heather R. Smith

NOTE: This has turned out to be one of the most popular posts on the blog, garnering a large amount of traffic from people running searched for this band. If you’re here because you’re trying to find out more information about it, visit

So, obviously, I’m a bit old for the whole Silly Bandz craze, but I’m not so out of it to be completely disconnected. Until today, I’ve had two — one I kept, one I gave away.

Over the weekend, my coworker Heather sent me the picture at the top of this post, and I had to have one. I know it’s not the official Apple logo, but it’s close enough that how could I not want one? Rather than simply telling me where I could find one, Heather actually gave me the pictured band today. And, yeah, geek that I am, I’m wearing it right now.

Making it even more amusing, the black apple is actually from a Christian generic silly band set that tells the story of the gospel in six bands; I’m now wearing a “sin” band on my wrist. Heh.

7 Responses

  1. I love this band,at my school this is EXTREMRLY RARE

  2. ok i relly want one of these do u have any idea how much one would be and were i could possibley find one

  3. Did you follow the Believer Bandz link? That’s the best lead I have.

  4. My daughter has the ‘rare’ black apple and has decided to sell it for $15.

    Should you decide to buy it, I can be reached at We are near Tampa, Florida.

    Thank you!

  5. Hey…I have been looking for thiss! Where can you get them at online? Ive looked and looked on ebay and nobody has them? Can somebody help me find this? If somebody is willing to sell theirs Ill look into itt? (: HELPP!

  6. The best I know is to visit

    You might also contact Guyann above.

  7. Hey everone!
    When I got this band, it was from my freind who didn’t know this was Really Rare! I couldn’t stop smiling! I about screamed my head off when she showed me, but then she would have know Hmmmmm She’s screaming so that means…. RARE AT MAH FINGA TIPS!!!! So I kinda cheated her! I traded her for a Fairy I kinda feel bed. BUT WHO CARES 😀 I GOT ONE

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