Another Brick in the Wall

So I’m driving the road, and my iPod starts playing “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” — “We don’t need no education.”

First thought — Wow, it’s kinda ironic listening to this song on my way to go hang out with a teacher.

Second thought — But probably not as ironic as that time I listened to it on my way to work as a substitute teacher.

Third thought — Hey, wait a minute, I still work in education. Forgot about that.

And, full disclosure, my actual first thought was that I should probably bump its rating down a star so it’s not on this playlist anymore. One of those songs I find myself caring less about as time goes by. I suspect that’s more about musical tastes than maturing beyond the anti-education message, since I still dig Paul Simon singing about all the crap he learned in high school.

However, distracted by those thoughts, I didn’t have my usual one listening to that song — a mondegreen I read once, “The Dukes of Hazzard are in the classroom,” that I went on to riff additional lyrics to: “Hey, Roscoe, leave them Dukes alone!” Yeah, I’m a dork.


OK, this, to me, is rather cool:

I took this picture at the International Space Station Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center when I was there for the Ares I-X launch back in October:

This picture was taken Tuesday by the crew of the International Space Station: