Linkdump Number Whatever

Various and sundry links:

— Bill Watterson looks back on Calvin & Hobbes, in what is believed to be his first interview since 1989.

— I haven’t blogged anything about the iPad, but basically my three-word review is this: “Want; Don’t Need.” There are a handful of things about it that, were they different, might bump it up a few notches in the Dave-desirability spectrum. Among them, cameras, which apparently were considered. If that’s the case, it seems likely the next generation will include them. I just have to remind myself that waiting for the second generation doesn’t really mean waiting a year, it just means waiting nine months, since the first generation 3G models don’t ship for 90 days after the announcement. I do want to play with one, though.

— This isn’t a link, but in going through my archive of stuff to include in here, I’ve come across several articles I’ve saved about the NASA budget proposal. I just attended a meeting with Administrator Bolden, and came out of it feeling much more positive about the agency’s direction than I did before. That said, I’m not posting what I heard at the closed meeting publicly; if you know me, you’re welcome to ask me about it.

— I will post this NASA link, however. I saved an article in June 2008 to send to a friend, and never did, and it got lost in my e-mail and I just now rediscovered it. The original article doesn’t matter, just that the fact that it was about the Expendable Launch Vehicle Integrated Support contract, which is probably the coolest NASA acronym ever.

— Written by a five-year-old, drawn by his 29-year-old brother, it’s Axe Cop. A cop. With an axe.

— Yet another comic link, this one to

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