A Little Bit Country

And so, my journey to the dark side is complete.

As I’ve mentioned before, two years ago, I didn’t care much for country music. In fact, disdain was probably a not inaccurate word for my feelings. I was starting to thaw a little by that point; I liked the Lori McKenna and the Johnny Cash and … well, maybe a couple of individual songs here and there. But, in general, the bias stood.

I’ve written on here before about the gradual evolution of my tastes — friends giving me stuff and insisting that I listen to it, with various results; fairly extensive exposure for a while a year ago; more directed advising over the course of last year; and a series of concerts, including Sugarland, Trace Adkins, Sara Evans and Sammy Kershaw, among others. (As I’m typing this, I’m adding a few previously missing Rascal Flatts songs to my iTunes.)

But today, I crossed yet another line. It’s been a while since a CD came out that I just had to have the day of release, but I’ve actually been waiting for a while now to buy the new Lady Antebellum CD, Need You Now. iTunes has been releasing the singles for a while now, and I’ve been enjoying them rather much. While, for the record, I’m not expressing or endorsing need for any person, I do loves me the title track rather much. Play it again, Sam.

This weekend, I compared the offers on iTunes, the band’s Web site, Best Buy and Target to figure out where I wanted to get it. I generally prefer physical CDs, unless there’s a compelling reason to buy something digitally.

It turns out, in this case, there was. I got a tweet this morning that you could buy Need You Now on Amazon for $4, which isn’t bad at all. So by 6:30 this morning, I’d already bought it, put it on my iPod and burned a CD for the car.

So far, good stuff.

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