Walk The Talk

I did something a little different when I went to Vegas.

OK, well, it being Vegas, I did probably a few things different. But the thing in particular that this post is about (well, OK, not really about, but where I’m starting, at least) is that I took my camera. I’ve never flown with the DSLR before; I don’t think I’ve even ever flown with my “good camera” du jour before.

And that was part of a somewhat different approach in another way — By and large, I decided to let my photos be my souvenirs. Among the lessons of the last year or so: I really don’t need more stuff, particularly just because that stuff says Las Vegas or Grand Canyon. (My trip just over a year ago to San Francisco still stands as an exception; clearly, I do need more stuff just because it has an Apple logo on it.) I brought back a few things for my coworkers, but, even there, I had a hard time finding anything.

That said, I wasn’t able to quit on souvenirs cold turkey — I did bring back two small things for myself. (And one thing that, if I don’t get a chance to deliver it will be for me.) To wit, I got myself two hiking medallions, pictured above.

I had only recently become aware of the existence of the medallions, which you afix to your hiking stick, so when I found them, I went ahead and bought them — one from Hoover Dam and one from the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The problem is, now I find myself in a quandary.

I’ll interject here that I missed my hiking stick while I was gone. Before we even landed, I was looking at the mountains out the window, so different from the ones in Huntsville, and wishing that I had an extra day to myself and my hiking stick.

On Tuesday, at the Grand Canyon, there was a place where you could climb up a hill and have a good view of the Canyon around you. Granted, it wasn’t that tall at all — 20, 30 feet, maybe? But I was so glad to finally get to climb something.

So the quandary is this. That’s all the climbing I did. I climbed nothing at the Hoover Dam, where I bought the first medallion. I justified to myself that one really didn’t claim to mean anything — you don’t really hike the Hoover Dam, so getting a medallion there shouldn’t imply that I did anything there that any didn’t anymore than buying a souvenir spoon there would imply that I ate soup at the dam.

The Canyon is a little more of a gray area. I did climb something, but I certainly didn’t hike the Grand Canyon in the way people think of. On the other hand, the medallion isn’t for the Grand Canyon in general; it’s specifically for the Skywalk, so arguably my short climb should give me justification to display the Skywalk medallion.

Add to the question this — My stick wasn’t there for any of that; it was hundreds of miles away. So do I put a medallion on my stick for the Hoover Dam, when it never even left Huntsville?

Decisions, decisions.

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