Come The Storm

Photo by Tom McCay, courtesy of Bonnie Redmond

It was beautiful all day at work. I knew it had been supposed to rain, but it had been really nice when I went out to lunch, and when I left the office, it appeared that not a drop of rain had fallen.

I’d had an interesting discussion during/after Journey Group last night (probably another future post) and had come across some interesting and related reading since, and really wanted to go for a hike. And it appeared that it was going to be a great day for it, so I headed toward the mountain.

Right before I got there, I ran into the first signs that it might be something other than a beautiful day. Not much, just a few raindrops hitting the window. I almost turned back. If I’d known what the weather was going to do, I would have. But, as it was, I figured I’d take my chances. Worst case scenario, I get drenched and have to change clothes before the play that night. It’s not uncommon for me to go for walks in the rain, but I’ve never hiked in the rain before. Might be an interesting, if muddy, experience.

As it happened, I didn’t get to find out. There was thunder in the distance at various points during the hike, which made for a couple of interesting prayer moments, but not a drop of rain fell on me during the entire hike.

To be on the safe side, I had left my iPhone in the car in case I did get drenched, so I was incommunicado the entire time. As I was coming back, I did see an odd-shaped cloud over the mountain that looked like it had a cylindrical section sticking down, but I could only see the top part of it, so didn’t really think that much of it.

It wasn’t until afterwards when I was talking to a friend who mentioned matter-of-factly that her husband had seen the tornado blow a roof of a house that I found out what had happened while I’d been on the mountain.

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