cake with candles reading 30

Cake and candles from the birthday party we had at the office for my co-worker Heather.

In case there’s anyone out there in danger of being confused, it’s nowhere near my long-gone 30th birthday; that picture is from my co-worker Heather’s party that we had at the office today. I’m mainly posting it as a reminder about the 365project, which you should all participate in. Or not, as you see fit.

I will say about Heather’s birthday that I was proud of myself that I had not a card, but cards, for her. I used to hate buying cards, and was lousy at it as a result. Thankfully, I was introduced to the idea of buying cards when you find them, instead of trying to find cards when you need them. One of Heather’s cards, I bought in June.

Other random stuff going on:

— I ate at I Love Sushi on Saturday. After being introduced to sushi roughly a year ago, I’ve had it a couple of times at Surin, which has a total of one thing I can eat. For those that don’t know, I’m deathly allergic to seafood, which narrows down the sushi options. I had always assumed it eliminated them altogether, but was informed that there is such thing as vegetarian sushi. I had heard that I Love Sushi had more options, but I only saw one. That said, they were a little less clear on the implications of my allergies and the need to avoid cross-contamination. Supper didn’t kill me, but I had to eat it very slowly. Not bad, though.

— I talked a bit in the last post about the difference between the blogging software I use for this blog versus my old one, but neglected to mention that, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve implemented a new design for the blog. Back on ATW, that would have meant going into the code and tinkering with it; here, it means clicking on which design I want to use now. As a result, there are a few things in this design I’m not too sure about, but don’t know how to change. Thoughts, anyone?

As an aside, the whole issue is kind of interesting to me. I do still have some of the HTML skills I cultivated for about a decade, but find myself using them less and less as more and more of my Web time is on sites that I simply post things to instead of coding. This is probably what it felt like for people a generation or two older when they stopped being able to work on their own cars.

— I saw a rather interesting pass of the International Space Station on Monday night. It was supposed to be particularly bright, and was, but rather than getting brighter as it rose higher into the sky, it grew brighter for a while, then grew dimmer and turned red as it got higher, and finally disappeared, not near the far horizon as I’m accustomed to, but at “apogee.” It was neat seeing the station do something I hadn’t seen her do before.

— As I mentioned in the last post, I had promised someone a depressing post that I’m not going to publish. Partially because the situation has changed a little, partially because it didn’t pass editorial review. The gist of it was — I sometimes feel like I may paint a sunshine-and-roses picture of my spiritual walk on here, but, I assure you, I do struggle. In lieue of publishing that post, I’ll post this link. So there you go.

— It’s kind of cold. But I’ve nonetheless managed to get a couple of hikes in lately. It’s required rearranging my schedule; getting into work while it’s dark so that I can leave while it’s light. But totally worth it.

— One day until B.B. King. Two days until Lain and Richie come. Four days until I leave for Vegas. Yay!

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