Fables Of The Reconstruction

There was an interesting piece in the paper Friday about resetting your spiritual odometer — taking a variety of subjects, forgetting everything you think you know about them, and asking God to show them to you afresh. The cool thing was, it actually listed 52 things to do that with, with the idea that you work through one each week.

I talked to a friend of mine about doing that together, either in discussion or as a writing prompt. Looking through the list, many of them I’ve sort of had to reset my odometer on over the past couple of years anyway. Others, I can’t imagine having more than a sentence or two to say about, but that may just be because I need to look at them again, huh?

Anyway, I’m inclined to start working through them, one a week, on here as blog entries, and would invite anyone else who is interested to do the same with their blog.

The first week is “Heroes,” and I’ll be writing a post about the idea of heroes, and what I’ve learned about them, before the end of the week.

If anybody wants to jump on for next week, the prompt is “Sermons.”

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