Latest Weekend Update

Stretch of highway taken from inside car

Coming home from Tupelo on New Year's Day. Picture taken just east of Red Bay, Ala.

OK, so this update isn’t technically about a weekend, but I’m posting it during a weekend, so the name still works, right?

— The picture at the top is one I posted on my 365project page. 365project is a Web site where you post a picture every day, with the idea that it sort of tells the story of your year. That picture, for example, was taken on New Year’s Day as I was driving back from Mississippi. If you start your own 365project, be sure to let me know!

— The billboard that I should have gotten a picture of was earlier in the trip, except that I was so disappointed with it that I had no interest in photographing it. Early last year, a friend told me about seeing a billboard near Jackson, Miss. that said “Our children can’t read, Mississippi. We are all losers.” I saw one of the billboards myself this summer, near Batesville. Since then, they’ve gradually stepped back some. I saw one later that still said the children couldn’t read, but refrained from calling anyone a loser. On the way back Friday, the billboard I saw was even kinder, saying “Our dropouts can’t read.” Alas. (Upon further research, the Web site shows an archive of billboards, with a notable exception.)

— As mentioned, I celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends in Mississippi. We had a great dinner, and watched Sherlock Holmes, which I enjoyed very much. That ended not long before midnight, so we counted in the New Year and then played some Wii. Good times. As I wrote the other day, I’ve been really blessed with good friends.

— Speaking of which, my friends Lain and Richie are coming over from Mississippi this weekend. I’m looking forward to it.

— I’m also looking forward to the B.B. King concert this week. Have I mentioned that yet? I’ll have to go back and check. If not, I’ll tell more of that story as the concert approaches.

— And speaking of things that are approaching, I’ve got about a week remaining before I leave for my Las Vegas trip. It’s a bit daunting that it’s almost here. I booked the flight the Friday before Christmas, but have done very little since. I figured I could wait until after Christmas was over before shifting my focus, and then this past week was just shot for various reasons. And now, it’s almost time to go.

— My former improv troupemate Amber Farmer was here this week, and it was great getting to visit with her. A group of us had dinner and dessert on Wednesday, and then hung out at Target, which was a lot of fun. There’s an interesting dynamic that comes into play when enough troupemembers get together in the wild, and that definitely was the case at times Wednesday. Afterwards, we watched Did You Hear About the Morgans, which was cute, and better than I’d feared. My watching of movies has a tendency to be influenced by my emotional landscape at the time, and that was the case with several lately, but I enjoyed it.

— Also along the improv lines, our videographer, Caleb McPherson, presented me this week with a very cool Christmas gift — a DVD of some of my work, mostly from some 2009 rehearsals. Two or three scenes were ones I’d asked him if he could make copies of, but there were some other great little gems on there as well.

— I got some Silly Bands Tuesday, and saw part of a TV movie that hasn’t been aired yet. Because I’m just that cool.

— Ole Miss won the Cotton Bowl. Hotty Toddy!!

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