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grand canyon

The Grand Canyon

OK, I’m taking a break from the Weekend Update thing because I have far cooler news. I’ll get back to that later.

I’m going on vacation.

When I wrote that yesterday, I knew I was going. I just didn’t know where or when. There were a couple of possibilities, and I was still figuring out the logistics. The details are still in progress, but I at least know the where and when — Vegas and the Grand Canyon, next month!!

For those that don’t know me well enough to get this, this is unusual. I’m taking an entire week off work. Technically, I could get by with four days, and part of me is tempted to do so. Me taking extended periods of time off work is a big deal. Force of habit from my newspaper days. In my entire career, I have only taken a week-long vacation once. Counting the time I got fired from my job as editor of a newspaper a decade ago, there have only been two times I’ve been off for a week in the 13 years since college. I got married on a Saturday night, and, as a result, came into work late on Monday morning. Our honeymoon, a couple of weeks later, began when that week’s newspaper was finished on Wednesday and was over before the next work week.

And actually going somewhere is also rare. The one week-long vacation I took was spent largely in a cabin in a state park in Mississippi. Beyond that, my biggest trips have been to Houston for book-related stuff and Florida for launches. This will basically be the first non-Alabama-or-Mississippi-or-space-center vacation of any substance in my adult life.

It’ll also be the furthest I’ve been from home other than on work trips. I’ve been to San Francisco a couple of times for NASA, but this will be the first time I’ve been out west and inland.

The whole thing is sort of a fluke — I won a trip to a resort in Tennessee at a party recently, and on Monday was offered a chance to exchange it for the Vegas trip. I was initally inclined to decline — it would be more expensive and complicated and I really don’t need to do it and …

But I’d had a conversation recently with a friend who talked about having always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, and having never had the chance, and it sort of being a bucket list thing. And the Grand Canyon is a do-able day trip from Vegas. And when is an opportunity like this going to come up again? But here’s the opportunity now, and how silly would it be not to take advantage of it?

I’m a little bit excited.

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  1. I recommend the Star Trek Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton, if you get a chance. Dining in the Star Trek restaurant there (or at least sitting at the bar for a bit to observe the characters), also highly recommended.

  2. Yeah, it’s closed now. Making it worse, it was supposed to reopen in 2009, but was delayed, so it will open next year — after I’m there. Alas.

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