Random Roundup Pt. I

OK, not really a Weekend Update, since I haven’t done any sort of update since before Thanksgiving. Random stuff that’s happened, in random order, as it comes to mind (As I started typing this, I realized it’s going to be too much to put in one post, so thus this is now Part I):

— I got an e-mail today saying that we had sold two copies each of the two Hatbag books, Bagged & Bored and Mayor Of Awesometown on Amazon. It was the first time we’ve sold copies through Amazon since posting them there, which made me happy. It also means I’ve sold copies of three different books I’ve co-authored through Amazon, which is kinda cool. I mean, three books is as good as Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee put together, right? (And, counting the Twitter book, people have bought four books off Amazon I’ve contributed to. I’m a regular authorial powerhouse. [And there’s at least one other book that mentions me. How cool am I? {I’ve heard this one mentions Homesteading, also. Oh, and I’m in the acknowledgments to this one. Yep.}])

— Along those lines, I had a major development last week on a personal project. And that’s all I’m saying about that now. But I’m happy.

— We also had a really positive meeting last week about a work project we’re pitching. There’s still a long way to go before it becomes a reality, starting with another meeting tomorrow. But it’s going well so far, and it’s nice to see how much support and respect our team receives at work now. I’ve learned one or two things in over seven years with the agency.

— And along those lines, I got laid off a couple of weeks ago, and then got a very positive performance review a few days after that. Welcome to the life of a government contractor! Lest anyone worry about me — I’m still employed. The contract I’ve been on is ending, so the old contract holder had to lay off the employees. We’ll apply for our jobs again before the new contract takes effect. Not worried about it at this point, though wouldn’t mind prayers during the process. But compared to what a lot of my friends are dealing with, it’s a good reminder of how blessed I am.

— Just heard there’s a Christmas tree on top of the Dynamic Test Stand at Marshall. I’ll have to check it out sometime soon.

— I’ve had this in my inbox for a while, unsure what to do with it, and since I’ve almost cleaned said inbox out completely for the first time in many months, I’ll post it here so I can delete the e-mail: “and so it ends as it begins as everything that is infinite ascends, into its time all things pass, all things fade, all things last, you are yourself despite yourself, this world grows smaller as the universe swells, we come to terms eventually, eventually, eventually” — Josh Joplin

— Also in the inbox, but only for a couple of days: “There is in man an inextinguishable, nostalgic aspiration toward the infinite. None of the answers which he seeks is sufficient; only the God who has made Himself limited in order to pierce through our limitation and to lead it to the breadth of His infinity is able to meet the questions of our being.” — Cardinal Ratzinger. I want to write a book called “Nostalgia for the Infinite.” Or, better yet, a memoir.

— Great sermon Sunday. About how we lie to ourselves and God. About how we treat His promises. Do we focus on the promises or the One making them? What happens when they don’t happen the way we think they should? How patient are we willing to be? Do we trust Him? A lot of stuff I’ve been dealing with lately. Some good reminders. That’s all I’ll say now, because it may be a larger post later. He’s had to remind me that resting in Him comes from you doing His will, not Him doing yours. The song in the sidebar currently (“Joy”) was from that service. Wow.

— I’m going on a vacation soon. And, maybe, like a real take-actual-time-off-and-go-somewhere-that’s-not-Alabama-Mississippi-or-a-space-center vacation. Details to come. I’m potentially excited.

— I participated in a National Space Society policy committee telecon last night, first we’d had in a while. Interesting discussion about the future of human spaceflight. It’s kind of exciting to be having these talks at a time when it’s difficult to keep up; things are developing as quickly as we can plan for them. After a very long period of things being fairly static, conversations about things like architecture and mission are extremely relevant. (And it’s nice being able to make arcane jokes with a crowd that appreciates them.)

2 Responses

  1. who’s the new contractor?

    and has it really been that long since the last contract change, which I left NE more or less in the middle of? Crazy stuff.

    I have been in Texas entirely too long.

  2. Dynetics is the prime, with a group of subs. Don’t know who we’ll be working for yet.

    Yep, been that long, and, yep, you have.

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