This tree is toward the end of my hiking trail on Green Mountain. I took this picture a while back; I loved how it was basically just a person-height stick with a fun batch of colorful leaves on top:

Last weekend, during the snow, I took another picture of it; I liked the contrast of the bright colorful leaves and the white snow:

I didn’t get to hike again until Thursday. I initially walked right past the tree, and had to backtrack to find it. Even then, I had to pay attention; it had changed a bit:

Sad to see something that had been so colorful and pretty look so lifeless. That tree had become the highlight of the end of the hike, a familiar landmark, and now has faded into dull obscurity. When I found it Thursday, I found a couple of its leaves on the ground — obvious for the fact they were the only ones still brightly colored — and saved them, reminders of what it had been.