The Blind Side

The Blind Side

The Blind Side

From when it first came out, long before I saw it, and even while I was still living in Mississippi, I liked even just the idea of the movie October Sky.

I liked the idea that there was a movie in which, in the end, the hero’s victory, his happily-ever-after, is that he gets to move to Huntsville, Ala. Luke Skywalker defeats the Empire and restores peace to the galaxy. Frodo destroys the ring and saves Middle Earth. Homer Hickam moves to Huntsville.

So as of this weekend, you can add The Blind Side to the list of movies I like.

After Saturday’s Egg Bowl, I was hoping that there would be more of his college career in the movie, so that I could watch Ole Miss and have it be a bit less depressing than this year’s State game. As it is, I was nonetheless happy with the movie ending where it did, right as he’s starting college —

Getting to go to Ole Miss isn’t a bad happily-ever-after ending, either.

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