A Cool Look, A Cold Touch

OK, I’ve been promising more Twilight blogging, so here it is.

Before I get into my most recent batch of thoughts, I’ll share these links.

I’ve written before about how Stephanie Meyer does for romance in Twilight basically what George Lucas did for myth in Star Wars — deconstructing the basic elements and then putting them back together in a story that uses simple cyphers for universal themes. This piece — How Twilight Works — says basically the same thing, but less kindly.

Wired also has an interesting piece on Top 20 Unfortunate Lessons Girls Learn From Twilight that you may or may not enjoy.

Anyway, back to my own rambling. Much has been made of the idea of Meyer’s Mormonism and “the erotics of abstinence” — the idea that the books make self-restraint sexy as a way of encouraging readers.

But I wonder if it doesn’t actually go a step further — if Meyer hasn’t written the books in such a way as to romanticize bad dating technique. Rather than just encouraging abstinence, she’s actually making really bad relationship ideas seem like really good ones.

Guys, want to win your crush over? Make sure your hands are ice cold whenever you touch her; women love that. When you see her, make sure you look at least vaguely disgusted; it’ll make her feel valued. Avoid her when you can, and be evasive when she does talk to you. And after you’ve avoided her enough, switch fully into creepy stalker mode; she’ll be glad to know you care.

The sad thing is, I’m not entirely convinced that part of the reason I’m single isn’t the fact that I assume those really are bad ideas.

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