Since It’s Been A Little While …

… it’s time for a Weekend Update.

–Friday night, I played in my last improv show of the year. (Well, kinda, I’ll be in a corporate gig next month, but this was my last official public F2F show of the year.) In fact, it was my last show until February, which is sort of sad.

That said, the show went really well. We had the biggest crowd I’ve played to in a long time, and all the players really brought some good energy. As the final improv note of the year for me, I was pretty well pleased with it.

–Saturday morning, I got up early and drove to Oxford. The last week or two, by the way, has pointed out to me just how much I’m getting old. I’ve been trying to wake up earlier in the mornings and take in a hike before work, and it’s really started to take a toll on me. I’m not as young as I once was. Already a bit worn from that, this weekend pushed me to the point of exhaustion. I still have a bit of a headache.

It was fun once again to visit Oxford. Before July, I went over two years without being over there, which was very unusual for me. Since July, this is the third time I’ve been. The first time, it was a litlte strange being back. This time, it was just home again. I spent way too much money at Square Books, an old favorite, and the Chocolate Bar, a new one, and had lunch at one of the new restaurants off the Square. (I also did some shopping the next day in Tupelo at the Indianola Pecan House, started in and named for the city in which I spent the bulk of my time as a Mississippian. As a result, I’ve made a small dent in my Christmas shopping. Very small.)

–It was cool while on campus to see fliers for NASA education programs. I very much like things that combine multiple Dave themes.

–The Ole Miss-LSU game was amazing. Very probably the best football game I’ve ever been to. Hard-fought, and constant excitement. The first punt of the game didn’t come until there was 1:39 left in the first half; until then, basically, somebody scored every time the ball was kicked. After that, for a little over a quarter, the defense took over, and nobody scored. As long as one team was scoring, so was the other. When one stopped, so did the other. The fourth quarter was just wacky, and literally came down to the very last second. Over the course of the game, the ball was in or almost in the endzone at least four times that didn’t count as touchdowns. Suffice to say, the stadium was still packed when the game finally ended. I would hope that I would still think it was one of the best games I’d seen even if it had turned out the other way, but I certainly have no complaints with the way it did end up.

–I went up to Memphis afterwards, and had dinner with some friends downtown and then walked down Beale Street. It had been about two and a half years since I had last been, when I watched Spamalot at the Orpheum. It seemed even longer than that. I’ve got a lot of memories of Beale Street, going back a long way, and it was nice to discover that I could still just enjoy it for what it is.

–I found myself Sunday morning entertaining an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old in the wee hours of the morning. My toenails are still Christmas-y from when they colored my entire foot with magic markers. It wasn’t quite the same as being Uncle David, but it was the next best thing.

–I went to church Sunday morning somewhere other than Sojourn for the first time since, I believe, August, and that was a good experience. I shan’t go into my observations on the church I went to, but will note that the focus of the sermon was on perserverance. I find that when circumstances cause me to be at a church I normally wouldn’t, I should probably pay particular attention, since there’s likely a reason I’m at that place at that time for that message.

–I watched New Moon in Tupelo on the way back, fulfilling a promise I’d made back in September, against what, at times, seemed like unlikely odds. The movie was enjoyable, if about what I was expecting. I’ve not really invested in the whole Team Jacob versus Team Edward thing, since I’ve read spoilers online and know how the whole thing turns out. That said, when someone asked me which team I was on after I finished the movie, and said knowing wasn’t an excuse for not picking, I decided that I’m firmly on Team Mike Newton. Edward and Jacob both lie to Bella, both intentionally hurt her, and both decide that they know what’s best without talking to her. Is there an option that’s not a controlling, hurtful, liar? Is it too much to ask for honesty in a relationship? OK, so maybe he’s too much of a “marshmellow” to handle an action movie, but Mike’s the one guy that’s fairly decent.

–Then I came home. The End.