Random Weekendery

— I finished my book about David on Friday. I wish I had great insights to share, but I don’t, save that sometimes it’s a good reminder to be wrong.

— I saw the space station Friday, in what proved to be a rather cool pass. I was at the Rave theater, and only a very small number of stars were visible in the well-lit parking lot. The fact that the station was not only visible but dazzling to me is a testament to how amazingly big and bright it’s become.

— I watched The Men Who Stare At Goats while at the Rave. The trailer had annoyed me, there’s what seemed like a heavy-handed bit where George Clooney tells Ewan McGregor he was a “Jedi Warrior.” Haha! Get it? ‘Cause Ewan McGregor played … It seemed annoying that they would throw a one-off gag like that into the trailer. But then I saw the movie and discovered that it wasn’t a one-off gag; the movie was laced with Jedi references, which made McGregor’s casting distracting. That said, other than that, I loved the cast and loved the movie; it was just a lot of fun. And it totally made me want George Lucas to remake Episode 1 with George Clooney in the Liam Neeson role.

— I helped some people from my home-based church move on Saturday morning. It was a privelege to help them, but I’ll be sorry to see them go. There were a couple of highlights to my friendship with them, but it seemed like one that should have had more potential — John and I, for example, definitely should have gone kayaking again. Instead, though, it was a good reminder how God brings people into our lives to use them in ways that aren’t necessarily what we expect.

— I watched This Is It, the Michael Jackson concert-rehearsal movie, Saturday, basically just on a lark. And ended up being glad I did — It was interesting to watch it from a performer’s perspective, enjoying it not only for the music, but for the look behind the scenes of how Jackson was preparing for the extravaganza. It’s very neat for me to see the techniques people use to own a room.

— Speaking of which, I hosted an improv show Saturday, and it was amazing. The four players turned in very solid performances, with high energy, quick exchanges, and great physicality. It made me happy; those were things I talked to them about beforehand, and even did a quick exercise on the latter, so I was glad to see them firing on all cylinders on those things during the show. I also felt like I hit a sweet spot for myself as a host; doing a decent job setting the tone without trying to put any of the focus on me. I’ve always found confidence to be a key ingredient to hosting, but last night finally found a good mix of being confident while still getting over myself, and it seemed to work nicely.

— I had intentionally underplanned this weekend in response to the last few. Generally, my weekends are either well-booked ahead of time, or I feel like I’ve not done enough to plan my weekend. This weekend I wanted to back away from that and see what happened, and potentially to allow myself to be able to respond to the movement of spirit. And it proved to make for an interesting Sunday. One, I played disc golf for the second time, having ironically just stored my discs in the car that very morning after having to turn down an invitation earlier in the week. It turns out that going out the first time and spending money on my own equipment didn’t actually make me any better at it. Most unfortunate.

I also had an interesting dichotomy between afternoon and evening, spending time with people from my current primary congregation and my old church. I’d had a moment during the service that morning where I was just so grateful to God for Sojourn; one of those moments where I was equally and simultaenously aware of just how unlikely and how right Sojourn is for me. Two years ago, I would never have been able to see myself there. And yet, today, wow — God provides. That feeling was emphasized even more in the contrast between the two groups; it’s just so cool how God provides places that are so different for different people, and yet each can be so right. It would be hard to imagine going back to Whitesburg, but it would be just as hard to picture some of those people feeling at home at Sojourn. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.