There are the topics that I know something about. Spaceflight history, for example.

There are the topics where I’m enough of a student that I’ll write things for my own learning. Spiritual matters, for example.

And then there are the topics where I know nothing, but that doesn’t keep me from having and sharing opinions. To pick one not at random, let’s say music, for example.

I’d only been blogging for about two months when Apple launched the iTunes Music Store. I wrote an entry on the day of the announcement about my thoughts on what the announcement would mean for the future of the album. A few people read it, and it faded into the night of an old location of a dated version of a previous incarnation of a dead blog.

And then yesterday I got an e-mail from someone with Bad Panda Records saying that they had used my post as part of their manifesto. And, sure enough, there’s an excerpt of my six-and-a-half-year-old blog post. Kinda cool, and very cool that someone would think that what I had to say on the subject was worth repeating.

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