Catching Up

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve written a general stuff-going-on post, so this is sort of the equivalent of a Weekend Update post for for “stuff I can remember that I haven’t written about” in no particular order.

— I watched “Paranormal Activity” on Halloween. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a scary movie, for reasons that I’ve largely placed on others, but it turns out that, left to my own devices, they’re also really not my thing anyway. That said, it was a fun way to spend Halloween afternoon, and I had already been set up for watching something horrifying by the Ole Miss-Auburn game earlier. And it was a good movie, and, indeed, scary. As with one of the reviews I read, though, I left with the opinion that the monster wasn’t the real monster.

— I also went to a costume party Saturday for the first time in my adult life, which was a lot of fun. I was lazy and just wore a flight suit, but in Mississippi that was an adequate costume. (Here, people might think it wasn’t a costume at all.) Between the movie and the party, it was just a lot of fun; probably the most Halloween-y Halloween I’ve had in many many years.

— I also saw “Amelia” yesterday as well. Coincidentally, I happened across a special about Amelia Earheart on television that morning, and was surprised at how much I didn’t know about the theories on what happened to her after she disappeared. I found the movie enjoyable, and, particularly after watching the special, was curious how they would end it, but thought they did a good job of that, also.

— I loved this quote I saw over the weekend about Ares I-X: “NASA is definitely back in the rocket technology development business.” — Greg Allison, Executive Vice President, NSS

— Speaking of which, one of the coolest parts of my launch trip that wasn’t I-X-related was that I got to go on the Shuttle Launch Experience ride at the KSC Visitor’s Center for the first time. It was very cool, and I highly recommend it, but it also drove home just how blessed I’ve been with some of the experiences I’ve been able to have. (And that I’m becoming a bit of a gravity snob as time goes by.)

— I’ll be in only two more improv shows in 2009. I’m hosting a show this weekend at Ars Nova in Huntsville on Saturday night, and I’m playing in a show at Kenny Mango’s in Madison on Nov. 20. Ticket info is available here. I was in two shows not this past weekend but the one before, but that was too long ago for me to say anything about them other than that the Friday night show was delightfully weird and random. We played with the format of some of our games, with interesting results.

— That same weekend, I also did some work on a secret video project that I can’t tell you about. It was good fun; I can’t count the number of times over the years that I’ve had some idea for a video or sketch that would be cool to do, but had no way of doing it. Having friends now with the know-how to actually do this stuff is more than a little awesome. I’ll be very curious to see what the scenes we shot look like, but our blooper reel, at least, should be professional quality; these are some funny folks, and, shockingly, there was a lot of ad libbing and riffing on the set that day.

— Despite having changed my “currently reading” in the sidebar, I am still reading David: A Man of Passion and Destiny. It’s been an interesting experience; as I wrote a while back, I bought the book as part of some meditating I’ve been doing, and was reading it to support a hypothesis. So far, it’s not at all making the point that I wanted it to, and so I suspect I was led to the point of reading it so that I could learn something else entirely. Not entirely sure what that is, yet, but it’s a good reminder that sometimes I don’t know as much as I think I do.

And that may be enough for now.

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