Even More Random Than Normal

Stuff Dave feels like blogging about today. Like, even more random than a weekend update.

–I saw Orionid meteors yesterday morning. Only three of them, I think, but this is still a big deal, inasmuch as it’s been a very long time since the last time I saw meteors. I have astronomically bad luck — when I remember to go and look for meteors or other such events, it’s invariably overcast; if it’s clear, I’m otherwise occupied (or forget). I do a bit better with space station sightings, but only because I try to see it enough that my low success ratio still allows a decent number of sightings. But, yeah, the Orionids was definitely worth dragging myself out of bed pre-dawn for just to have the experience.

Jennifer Knapp is back. This makes David happy.

–I’m going to Florida next week to watch the Ares I-X launch. This also makes me happy. I’m traveling with someone I met back in July at the Space Camp Hall of Fame event; we’ve talked for probably an hour. This will be my third road trip to watch a launch, and I’ve traveled with completely different company each time. I-X will be a truly historical event, and it will be cool to have been there for it.

Right now, Ares I-X is sitting on Pad 39-B at Kennedy Space Center, while, not too far away, Atlantis is sitting on Pad 39-A. This is the second time this year that both pads have been occupied; Endeavour was on B when I saw Atlantis launch from A back in May. (I also saw part of I-X on that trip in the VAB.) My friend Robert Pearlman put together a pretty cool photo gallery on collectSPACE. And as a Huntsvillian, it’s very very cool that the the Redstone stripe really is about to fly again.

–B.B. King is playing in Huntsville in January. I’ve seen him several times at the annual homecoming festival in Indianola, but that’s a rather unique show, and I’ve always wanted to see him do a real concert. I’ve ordered my tickets, and in just over a couple of months, I will.

–I ate at two restaurants for the first time yesterday; Dolce at Bridge Street and Sam & Greg’s on the square downtown. Both were good; Dolce was one of very few places at Bridge Street I’d never eaten before, and I’ve been meaning to eat at Sam & Greg’s since it took the place of our old improv show venue downtown. I also got to introduce people to Maggie Moo’s ice cream shop at Bridge Street two days this week, which was fun.

–Speaking of restaurants, I’ve written about eating at astronaut José Hernández’ restaurant while in Houston, and having him be my waiter while awaiting his first spaceflight. Well, Huntsville now has an astronaut-(co-)owned restaurant of its own! I’ll have to try it soon.

–I mentioned yesterday that I had ordered And Another Thing… after reading the introduction and a few pages at the bookstore. I’m curious to see whether this is true of the book, but, in the introduction at least, the most bizarre thing, the thing that distracted me, was that the Guide has become … realistic. When I first read HHGTTG, the Guide was this fantastical device. Now, it’s fairly practical, and is described in terms from today’s technology. Sigh.

–I’m hosting an improv show tomorrow night, and am playing in one Saturday night. Come check us out.

–I’m also going to be doing some acting in a video project, but it’s secret, so I can’t tell you.

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