Blue sky!


Hey, anyone remember that giant ball of fire that you used to see in the sky sometimes? Whatever happened to it?

Seriously, this fall is turning kind of disappointing. I blogged last month about how excited I was about the first day of fall, but the last few weeks are not what I had in mind. I don’t mind a little rain … I’ve adjusted to the fact that going for a walk or visiting the park may involve getting wet, and I’ve pushed the limit a bit with hiking, also.

But I am tired of the dreariness. I’ve had this conversation recently a couple of times; different people have commented on the fact that it’s really starting to have an obvious impact. People’s moods seem to be being affected; reflecting the glumness of the world around.

I’m trying to fight that … If nothing else, I try to start my day by mustering convincing “Good Morning”s when I get to the office.

But, you know, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of sunshine soon.