Various And Sundry

OK, I’ve actually been blogging, like, content for the last few posts, so this is going to be one of those short bullet posts about random crap going on in my life that doesn’t merit a full entry. You’ve been warned.

–I took the pictures at the top of the entry at the STS-128 crew visit this morning. Not the most impressive crew visit we’ve had — only two of the astronauts, commander CJ Sturckow and EV1 Danny Olivas, came. (I was hoping we would at least get my erstwhile waiter, José Hernández.) But I like those pictures — between the two of them, there’s a shuttle crew picture, a giant NASA logo, an American flag, models of the space shuttle and the space station, and two astronauts. And I see that, and it reminds me I have a cool job.

–It turns out that just because there’s a zero percent chance of rain predicted for Monday when you make plans to go sailing, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a 90 percent chance by the day Monday actually comes. This is a different definition of zero percent than I’m accustomed to.

–I watched Love Happens yesterday. I’ll blog more about that later in the week.

–I watched the Rifftrax version of Plan 9 From Outer Space at a local theater Thursday with some friends. Which left the question, is it rude to make snarky remarks, MST3K-style, while watching Rifftrax in public? It actually was a lot of fun, and a cool experience laughing along with it with other appreciative fans.

–LCROSS impacted the moon Friday. It’s a good thing I didn’t write about that before today; I think I had stuff to say about it last week. I would say it’s a rare space mission when people applaud for LOS, but that’s kind of arcane, huh?

–I was in an improv show Saturday night. The bit about the puppies was inappropriate, and I’m sorry.

–Hiking Saturday morning, I took a different turn than I had before, and came across a new path, but unfortunately didn’t have time to explore it. It’s at least an hour walk each way to get back to the farthest point I reached, so I hope it’s worth it when I head back.

–Since first seeing them, I’ve found cardboard testimonies to be rather cool, so it was a neat experience for me to get to do one this weekend. Well, technically, mine was on 5×7 index cards, but the same principle applies. Except for the fact that I totally broke the format with what I wrote. It was for another video they’ll be showing at Sojourn in the future.

–My aunt, whom I’ve not seen in four years (and hadn’t for probably a dozen before that) was in town this weekend. My mother’s brother, to whom she was married, died shortly after I turned four, so I have basically no memory of him. By some accounts, he was the member of the family I’m most like, which makes it all the worse I never got to really know him. It was nice getting to see my aunt, but it was also cool experiencing echoes of him through her.

–I’ve bought and borrowed even more albums since my big album-buying post — Trick Pony, Trace Adkins, Liz Phair, Matt Nathanson, Sugarland. The weirdest moment was leaving the CD store with Garth Brooks’ Greatest Hits. Never saw that day coming.

–I finished my discipleship class I started back in May, I think. To be honest, I didn’t really think I would when I started it; I agreed to come the first time assuming that life would intervene and it would be obvious I couldn’t really make the committment. And, yet, months later, I’ve run the good race. And it’s been an interesting few months.

–I read the first few pages of And Another Thing yesterday at Barnes & Noble at Bridge Street. Not bad. May have to read it.