OK, catching up on a variety of things that got dropped in the slightly more topical posts the last couple of weeks, and the more sporadic blogging last week. (And someday I’ll get back to posting actual content, instead of just “here’s what I’ve done lately.”)

— I wrote the other day about my visit with Lain and Liz this past weekend; I neglected to mention that I now live in a world in which the fact that I hung out over the weekend with a couple of friends from college now merits notice by a nationally known columnist and random strangers. Liz tweeted a picture of the three of us with our books to David Pogue, who posted his own tweet about it, and then complete strangers retweeted Pogue’s post with the pic. Even yesterday, three days later, somebody tweeted the picture of me with Lain and Liz. How insane is that?

— Also in the “neglected to mention” category, I meant to say in yesterday’s fall post, but didn’t, that to mark the fact that it was officiallly fall, I switched yesterday to using the pumpkin spice creamer I’d bought for my coffee.

— I gave my Homesteading Space lecture over the weekend at the Con*Stellation science-fiction convention. By definition, any time you do anything more than once, there will be a best time and a worst time, so saying that this past Sunday was the worst doesn’t necessarily mean it was that bad, just that it wasn’t as good as the others. I’ve never actually succesfully given my hour-long lecture in an hour, and felt more pressure this time to try to keep it to the proper length, and I think that hurt me. My benchmark is one joke halfway through the presentation — it got a tepid result the first time, was hilarious the second time, and wasn’t even recognized as a joke this time. Alas. Plus, there was the guy that came up to my afterwards in the hall, put his arm around my shoulders, and said, “You don’t do a lot of public speaking, do you?” Thanks, dude.

— So what if I were ever actually completely honest on here? I mean, not that the things I write on this blog aren’t true; this blog is probably the most open I’ve ever really been publically. But, generally speaking, I don’t mention things like the fact that it really sucked doing a book event, having a book milestone, for the first time without her. But, to be honest, it did. So there you go.

— The weekend before last, I went to Chuck E. Cheese. It wasn’t the first time in my adult life; my family took my brother there for his birthday the year he got married. He had loved it as a kid, and it was just a fun thing to do. This was the first time in years, though, and was the first time I ever bought Chuck E. Cheese pizza for myself. Going with a friend of mine, a contemporary, and watching her daughter go play games was a weird experience. I’m not as young as I once was.

— This past weekend, I went to an LP and CD sale at a local radio station. I bought several vinyl LPs, which makes me happy. I also bought three CDs, all of which were country music, which sort of amuses me.

— OK, I know I’m leaving stuff out again, but I need to wrap this up. Later, folks.

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