I Move The Stars For No One

Clara in the Corn

Clara in the Corn

That picture right there? A lie. A complete fabrication.

Clara victoriously reaching the end of The Maize cornfield maze? Never happened.

This is the fifth year in a row that I’ve gone to The Maize. And, initially by coincidence but now by intent, each of the five years I’ve been once, and with different people each time, with no repeats.

That fact has made it a rather interesting experience. The Maize itself at this point, while still enjoyable, is old hat. Yes, it changes each year, so it has to be solved anew each time, but the experience of actually navigating the labyrinth is fairly constant after this many times. What’s fun, however, is seeing the different reactions people have to it.

The first year I went, for example, one of the guys I went with was the most systematic and logical person I’ve been with. This turned out to be fortunate, since he shared the pattern that I’ve been able to fall back on if necessary in each of the subsequent years.

Another year, it was like having a nice chat with a friend while going for a walk. The fact that the walk happened to be through a cornfield maze was almost irrelevant.

Yet another companion was the most impatient I have been with, apparently utterly unconcerned with the journey in favor of complete determined focus on the destination. We did make good time.

This year was the first time I’ve been with someone who’s really more age-appropriate for the maze — the fourth-grade daughter of a friend of mine (along with said friend). Though she was probably the closest to The Maize’s intended audience, she was also the most unimpressed with it of anyone I’ve been with. We exited the maze after finishing the first half, and then re-entered for the second half. Almost immediately we took a wrong turn, and when we looped back around near the second-half entrance, Clara decided she’d had enough of it, so we went back out the way we came and quit.

But that didn’t stop her from wanting a photo of her coming out the final exit. And it does look convincing, doesn’t it?

Next year, I may have to go at night for the “haunted” version of The Maize, and make the experience different in yet another way.

In addition to the different company that I’ll be journeying with.

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